Revelations Of His Runaway Bride (Mills & Boon Modern) by Kali Anthony

Revelations Of His Runaway Bride (Mills & Boon Modern) by Kali Anthony

Author:Kali Anthony [Anthony, Kali]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Publisher: Mills & Boon Modern
Published: 2020-06-24T23:00:00+00:00

Christo hadn’t thought himself a fool for years—not since childhood. Not since he’d believed his parents’ false promises time and again, till he’d stopped believing anything. Yet here Thea was, sitting in front of him, her whole presence mocking as if he was one.

He’d gone to check on her. Genuinely worried. And what had he found? Evidence of betrayal. Lies. People always told lies. Especially those you allowed close to you. Never again.

It was clear she didn’t care. Leaning back in the chair opposite, arms crossed, a victorious gleam in her eye. That was why she’d looked so happy—because she’d thought she’d won.

It might not be a real marriage, but he’d made vows and he’d keep them till the end. He’d expected the same of her.

Where to begin when the rage scorched through him? He searched for the chill usually running in his veins. She did this to him—made him unreasonable. And he was usually a reasonable man.

‘Sergei’s employment has been terminated.’

‘That’s unfair. I want you to reinstate him. He’s an excellent bodyguard.’

‘He told me everything.’

Actually, Sergei had only admitted to an error of judgement—trying to protect Thea’s shattered honour, no doubt. But Christo knew there was little that would make a consummate professional like Sergei forget where his allegiances lay. An illicit affair with his employer’s beautiful young wife was the only explanation.

But Christo wanted the truth from Thea’s lips, not Sergei’s. The truth that she hadn’t stuck to their bargain of fidelity, that she was like his parents. An opportunistic liar.

As he stared her down, myriad emotions flickered across her face. It was like watching a movie on fast forward. Surprise, disbelief, sorrow. Until she plastered on her usual smooth veneer of calm.

‘Love can make a man do uncharacteristic things. Of course you don’t believe in love, so you would never know.’

Christo gritted his teeth. His suspicions were right. A pain knifed him deep inside, causing an aching wound to his soul. He’d craved her. Kissed her. And for what? Merely to repeat Hector’s mistakes?

‘You’re so like your father.’

Damn his mother’s words—the last she’d spoken to him. They hadn’t been meant as a compliment.

He cast them into the wasteland of his memory. They had no place here. He’d married Thea for convenience, not love. So why did evidence of her betrayal tear to the very heart of him?

He gripped the arms of his chair till his nails bit into the leather. ‘I’m sure you’re easy to love when you want to get your own way.’

The cool calm thawed and her eyes widened a fraction. Triumph leapt inside him, a bitter white-hot flame. He’d caught her out.

‘You think...? Me?’

She sounded incredulous—another act.

‘That I’d trade myself to Sergei to get what I want? I may be many things, but I’d never do that.’

‘Don’t lie to me.’ Christo flew from his chair, hands trembling. Every part of him was too hot, too tight for his suit. He tore off his tie before it choked him. ‘I won’t be taken for a fool like my father!’

Turning a blind eye to his wife’s outrageous behaviour.


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