Goodbye Paradise

Goodbye Paradise

Author:Sarina Bowen
Language: eng
Format: epub
Publisher: Rennie Road Books
Published: 2017-03-21T07:00:00+00:00


Working for Joe Perry was awesome. In spite of his messy desk, he ran a solid operation. I liked the guys there, too. They were relaxed in a way that was unfamiliar to me. On the Compound everyone was always jockeying for position. The garage was calmer, and it took me a week or two to figure out why. The guys there punched in, worked (reasonably) hard for eight hours, and then punched out again. For their trouble, they got a check every two weeks.

So even when the place was a little too busy or a customer got snippy, nobody minded too much. It was just a job. And when you clocked out, you could go home to whoever you wished, and say whatever you wanted.

To me, this was nothing short of revolutionary.

And Joe had been right about Danny. He noticed everything that went on at the garage, and had a kind word for everyone. Between Danny and his sidekick Jakobitz, there was always somebody telling a story, or making a joke.

I made sure to show up on time for all my shifts, and work hard each and every hour. Danny called me Caleb the Great, and said that I was the biggest ass-kisser the place had ever seen. “I’ll bet you five bucks that Caleb the Great is managing this joint in five years. He’s going to rule over us all,” he told his friend Jakobitz.

At first, it bothered me. But pretty soon I realized that this was just Danny’s brand of smack talk. He teased everyone, but not too much.

So I continued to do the work my own way. Because this job was everything to me, and I intended to do well at it.


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