Explosive Situation by Terri Reed

Explosive Situation by Terri Reed

Author:Terri Reed
Language: eng
Format: epub
Publisher: Harlequin
Published: 2020-04-05T22:45:40+00:00


Irritated by the retired officer’s censure, Henry gritted his teeth and worked to calm his knee-jerk urge to reach across the space of the countertop and grab Sal by the apron strings. Sal wasn’t wrong, after all.

Henry pulled in a deep breath and tried to keep his tone even. “Just eating, no fraternizing going on.”

A voice in his head whispered, Yeah, right. He stubbornly ignored it.

Henry grabbed his food and stalked back to where Olivia was seated with Cody at her feet. He set the plate down with a clatter of ceramic on the red laminated tabletop.

Olivia and Cody jumped.

Olivia raised a dark eyebrow. “Everything okay?”

“Everything’s dandy.” He picked up his pizza and stuffed it in his mouth.

Just eating, no fraternizing going on.

There was a purpose to him being here with Olivia. Keeping her safe. And in the loop on what was happening. Not crushing on her. “I wanted to give you an update on the video feed from the boardwalk.”

He proceeded to tell her what he’d seen on Eden’s computer monitors while she pushed around her salad.

Olivia made a face. “So he was following Riley but didn’t approach her and waited until she was out of the area before setting off his bomb.”

“Looks that way.”

“He didn’t want to hurt her.” Olivia’s tone was thoughtful. “Do you think they could know each other?”

The bite of pizza soured in his stomach. The idea that his sister might be familiar with the texting bomber was unsettling. “I hope not.”

He relayed what his boss had said about Davey Carrell. “And the burner phone used to text me has led nowhere. This guy seems to know how to cover his tracks.”

“At least he was considerate enough not to put harmful smoke in the air ducts at the training center,” she said. “The dogs are safe.”

“Big consolation.” He couldn’t keep sarcasm from his voice. “It could have gone wrong if we hadn’t been there to rush the dogs out.”

“You were a hero today.”

Her praise settled in his chest, making him feel like the hero she claimed him to be. He met her gaze. “We made an effective team. I couldn’t have ushered all the puppies to safety without you.”

She set down her fork. “That’s not true. The others could have handled the situation without me, but I appreciate you saying it.”

“It is true. I needed you today.” He realized what he’d said and amended his words. “The dogs needed you.”

“Sometimes it’s good to be needed,” she said, and her hand went to her stomach.

Henry sensed her mood shifting downward, no doubt to grief and sadness for her late husband. He reached across the table and covered her other hand before he even thought to stop himself. Her skin was warm beneath his. “You must miss him.”

Her gaze jumped to his. “Who?”

Tucking in his chin, he said, “Your husband.”

She jerked her hand from beneath his. “Yes, of course. He was my husband. Of course I miss him.”

Her words rang hollow, as if she’d said them only to make him feel better.


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