The Ruthless Billionaire by Evangeline Kelly

The Ruthless Billionaire by Evangeline Kelly

Author:Evangeline Kelly [Kelly, Evangeline]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Published: 2018-09-02T16:00:00+00:00

Chapter 16


The next morning, as I dressed in my room, I heard female voices somewhere in the house. Curious as to who they were, I headed towards the kitchen. Two women wore t-shirts that said: Sally’s cleaning services. They were setting out cleaning supplies and talking amongst themselves.

A sinking feeling settled at the bottom of my stomach. What was going on? Was Lucas displeased with the way I’d cleaned his house? We hadn’t been here long, but perhaps I’d disappointed him. Or maybe I’d gone too far by sharing that story last night. He’d abruptly said he wanted to go inside after that.

“Hi,” I said, cautiously. “Can you tell me why you’re here?”

The younger of the two women glanced at me. She was pretty, with shoulder-length brown hair and almond-shaped eyes. “Mr. Armstrong contacted our agency this morning, and we’ve been assigned to clean his house for an indefinite amount of time. Who are you? Are you his wife?”

I blushed. “Oh, no. I’m one of his staff.” I couldn’t bring myself to tell her that I was the one who was supposed to be cleaning his house. My stomach churned, and a hopeless feeling swept through me. I shouldn’t have opened up so much last night. By doing so, I’d probably made Lucas uncomfortable and now I’d lost my job.

“Oh, there you are,” Lucas said, walking in from the other room. He glanced at the other women and then at me. “I was hoping to speak with you before they got here.”

“What’s going on?” I lowered my voice. “You never told me you were unsatisfied with my work. Are you firing me?”

His eyes widened. “Is that what you think? That I would fire you?”

I nodded, willing my tears not to fall. “Why else would you hire a cleaning service?”

“Because I have another job for you.”

Oh. I hadn’t even considered that possibility.

Relief flooded through me, and then curiosity. What other jobs were there for me to do? He’d jokingly asked me to be his chef the evening we stayed up all night, and it had come up again later in the early morning hours. But we’d agreed that wasn’t something I was ready for. I knew how to cook a little, but not enough to take Leslie’s place. Since then, he’d arranged for our meals to be delivered to the house from a local restaurant.

“What is this other job?”

He bit down on his bottom lip and ran a hand through his hair, looking very uncomfortable all of a sudden. “Uh . . . Let’s talk about this in the other room.”

I followed him to a small office, and he sat on one of the couches. I took the chair catty-corner to him and studied him for a moment. He seemed uneasy, which only served to make me even more curious. “What’s this about, Lucas? You never mentioned giving me a new job.”

He leaned his elbows on his knees, appearing uncertain. “That’s because I just thought of it last night.”


He wouldn’t look me in the eye.


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