Alaskan Showdown by Sarah Varland

Alaskan Showdown by Sarah Varland

Author:Sarah Varland
Language: eng
Format: epub
Publisher: Harlequin
Published: 2020-05-06T21:08:59+00:00


Once again, to Levi it looked almost like magic, how the dog and her owner worked together. Or maybe his thoughts were just clouded by the fact that Adriana herself looked like magic. Her eyes were sparkling, and he could tell she loved this part of her job—the search, her dog as a partner—and her hair was in loose curls around her shoulders, dark and shining in the sunshine.

He was supposed to be getting her help with this investigation, not noticing her hair, her curls, or the way she looked at life. But he kept finding himself distracted.

Not enough that he felt it interfered with his investigation. But he did need her. He just had to let her help and somehow keep his emotions in check, hold her at arm’s length, and that was getting harder to do.

He’d actually grabbed her hand that morning. He remembered how it felt under his. Warm. Soft. And then he remembered the exact moment he’d realized what he was doing, that he couldn’t do that, and had yanked it away.

She’d looked almost hurt, just before her face had become unreadable, but surely...

So maybe she was attracted to him, too. In that case, it was just a mutual case of “what a bad idea.” A cop and an SAR worker? Not exactly a perfect match. Twice the stress, twice the danger, twice the heaviness. Levi needed to find a sweet...preschool teacher or something. Someone who didn’t snark at him, who didn’t make him feel so...

Alive. Because when someone made you feel alive like that, and then they left?

Yeah, he knew what that was like. Although had Melissa ever made him feel quite like Adriana did? He honestly wasn’t sure.

Either way, the way he was drawn to her wasn’t something he should act on, he knew that. He wasn’t ready to try again with love. Not yet. Maybe he never would be.

Because even though he knew he hadn’t been to blame for all that had gone wrong in their relationship, part of him still wondered... What if it was him? What if he wasn’t a good enough husband?

What if he tried again, fell in love with Adriana and then wasn’t enough for her?

No. He definitely wasn’t ready.

He followed her into the woods after she’d given Blue the scent from the article of clothing the Marstons had given her.

“The idea is that she’ll get the scent and I’ll be able to tell from her behavior if Raina was here, and if she was taken deeper into the woods or not,” Adriana explained.

Levi just nodded and tried to keep up as Blue walked on one of the established trails. Raven Pass was crisscrossed with them. Many of them became ski trails in the winter and he thought this might be one of them, with how wide it was. There was plenty of room to walk beside Adriana, so he did.

He sensibly resisted the urge to grab her hand.

Besides, she was working right now. She wouldn’t want that.

Then again, he didn’t know what she wanted.


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