Undercover Threat by Sharon Dunn

Undercover Threat by Sharon Dunn

Author:Sharon Dunn
Language: eng
Format: epub
Publisher: HarperCollinsPublishers
Published: 2020-03-11T17:35:27+00:00


The remainder of the weekend at the cabin had gone on without incident. Now it was Tuesday night and they were on their way to meet Cory.

Feeling a rising sense of anticipation, Grace checked the clock in her car. She and Dakota had almost an hour to get to the shack by the chairlift. Since the note said that she needed to come alone, they would go in separate cars. Dakota had scouted the location earlier to find a hidden vantage point that would allow him to swoop in if things went south. He hung back in his car. They had made separate excuses to Mr. and Mrs. Wilson as to why they were going out.

It had taken her a while to ferret out what Cory had meant by the shack by the chairlift. Part of the culture of Silver Strike was that people built shacks in the forest that surrounded the ski runs out of odd materials, like old gondolas or cars or scrap materials. Some of the shacks were used as warming sheds but others for more nefarious purposes. Nerves made Grace’s mind wander to something positive.

On the second night they were at the cabin, an informal dance had broken out while Cory and Justin played guitar and Evan brought out his set of bongos.

As she drove on the dark road, the memory of Dakota asking her to dance played at the corners of her mind.

He’d whispered in her ear, “We’re supposed to look like a happy married couple, remember.”

When he held her though, she knew she wasn’t entirely pretending. It was easy to feel comfortable in Dakota’s arms. Grace shook herself free of the memory and focused on the task ahead.

Seeing the chairlift up ahead, Grace slowed down. She checked her rearview mirror. Dakota had already pulled off into his hiding place. He would approach the remaining distance on foot. Headlights appeared in her rearview mirror. At first, she thought it was Dakota with a change of plans, but the car sped up, coming for her. Heart pounding, she hit the gas. There was no place to turn off—the road led directly to the parking lot. The car rammed her bumper, jarring her.

Turning the wheel tightly, she swung in an arc through the parking lot and then gunned the motor, headed for the surrounding lawn. Always do the unexpected.

The car followed her onto the grass. They were both lumbering along on the soft terrain. Her tires spat up grass and dirt when she tried to go faster. She took another turn headed back toward the parking lot in a sort of slow-motion chase.

Dakota had entered the parking lot on foot. He was running toward the other car with his gun raised.

The other car stopped and hit Reverse, backing away over the lawn until it reached an adjoining street and turned around. Dakota continued to run toward it, firing a shot.

Grace drove back into the parking lot. The other car disappeared down a side street. Dakota ran a short ways after it then slowed down and ran back to where she was.


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