Bloody Cruel Monster (Sick Boys Book 6) by Lucy Smoke

Bloody Cruel Monster (Sick Boys Book 6) by Lucy Smoke

Author:Lucy Smoke [Smoke, Lucy]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Published: 2022-08-25T16:00:00+00:00



I drag the side of my finger down the cold, condensation covered glass as I stare into its amber contents. It’s my third … no, maybe my fourth one. I can’t remember. I started strong, but now I’m drifting. Losing interest in drowning myself. My thoughts have been a haze of regrets and future plans as I’ve sat at the nearly empty bar of Urban drinking whiskey like I’m some sad sack of shit that’s been kicked out of his marital bed because of some perceived insult.

The unfortunate fact is—I feel like that sad sack of shit.

With a scowl, I stop fiddling with the damn glass and wrap my hand around it, lifting it up until the rim touches my lips and I drain the liquid inside.

“You asked me to meet you here?” Dean’s voice comes just over my shoulder as I set the glass back on the counter.

Usually Urban is crowded with partiers and drinkers—but it’s a fucking Wednesday and even spoiled rich college kids need to pretend that they’re doing something at college other than making poor decisions that will follow them into the rest of their lives. It’s not one of the most profitable nights and that’s exactly why I asked him here. Away from prying eyes and more importantly, away from Clover and the house that she’s been trapped in since she was rescued from the Undead.

“Yeah,” I say, sliding the glass over to the bartender who picks it up and refills it without a second’s hesitation before sliding it to me. “I did.”

I feel Dean’s eyes on me, but he doesn’t say anything more as he takes a seat next to me and lifts his fingers. A second glass of whiskey comes down the countertop next to my own. He picks it up. I can’t believe I’m contemplating this—what I’m about to ask. Every piece of me fights against it, denies it, but if I’ve learned anything in the last few months it’s that sometimes … situations are inevitable.

Clover is inevitable. I didn’t know it then—when I broke her. I do now.

“Have you made a decision?” I ask.

Dean doesn’t need clarification; he knows what I’m referring to. “Avalon has the final say,” he tells me. “But from what I understand, she’s willing to let shit go in the face of … certain realities.”

I shake my head. Certain realities. A snort leaves my mouth, buzzing through my throat. When the fuck did we become the types of assholes who hint at shit?

“So, you’re not going to kill him?” Ace. Clover’s brother. The reason for her hatred.

Dean is quiet for a moment. “She wants you happy, brother,” he finally says.

I grip my glass and stare down over the rim. “She’s fucking infuriating,” I admit absently. “Clover, I mean—though Avalon can be too.”

That has him chuckling. “The best ones always are,” he agrees. “Have you talked to Viks yet?”

I groan and lift my glass, downing half in one go before setting it down. “Fuck, don’t bring him up,” I say.


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