Alone by Michelle Parise

Alone by Michelle Parise

Author:Michelle Parise [Parise, Michelle]
Language: eng
Format: epub
ISBN: 9781459746923
Publisher: Dundurn
Published: 2020-05-02T00:00:00+00:00

When He’s Here

When he’s here with me, I feel calm. There are no waves, the sea is as flat as a table, the sun warm on my skin. His scent in the room, I would bottle it. The way he fills the space like he was part of the original blueprints. Like he’s always been here, just one of the many treasures I’ve accumulated over the years. My apartment like a curio shop, filled with objects that each have their own story to tell— seashells, rocks, coins. My grandfather’s camera, my first guitar, framed postcards. The Man with the White Shirt, eyes blazing.

When he’s here I can breathe out. I can throw out my line and there’s actually something to catch it, something to be tethered to, strong and real. I’m not lost or seasick anymore. I’m docked for the night in the world’s best port town. I’m the happiest tourist, it’ll be the trip I talk about for years.

When he’s here — here — in my bed, I feel so much I forget it wasn’t that long ago that I did everything I could not to feel anything. When The Man with the White Shirt is here, I’m awake. I watch him sleep, tracing his dark eyebrows with my finger, then traversing the ridge of his nose, my God have I ever loved a nose? Not till now.

When he’s here, everything is poetry to me.


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