Reclaimed by Land E.C

Reclaimed by Land E.C

Author:Land, E.C.
Language: eng
Format: epub
Publisher: Knox Publishing
Published: 2019-08-23T16:00:00+00:00



“You had best have a damn good reason as to why you pretty much kicked us out of your life, bitch. I’m so damn pissed at you I could beat your ass. If I didn’t feel like I had to pee every time I move my legs, I would too.” Kenny storms into my bedroom, well Thorn’s bedroom, ranting, with Cleo and Izzy behind her. When they got here, they talked to Thorn before he left about how he and I were gonna be doing pregnancy things together. Only in a world where things were perfect would that happen.

I roll my eyes as I put my kindle down, a little irritated at being interrupted right in the middle of a hot sex scene. But I’m happy my girls are here. I’ve missed them. Even though Izzy knew where I was since and I worked with her at her office, she thankfully never told anyone where I was. Kenny would’ve been on my ass if she knew, and Cleo would’ve up and moved in with me. I needed my space at the time, hell, I still feel like I do. My mind is a complete mess right now. I just want to push everything out with my books, and stay in my own little wonderland.

Air— that’s what I need right now. I’ve been around Thorn non-stop for the past week. Talk about excruciating. I want him more than ever. The man is honest to god the hottest man in existence. From his hair that’s grown out some from the buzz cut he had when I first met him, to those solid, muscled legs I’ve caught myself wrapped up in every morning. The man is pure muscle all over. I could look at him all day but the longer I look, the wetter it makes me.

God, I wish I had my mini-Thorn. Yep, mini-Thorn is my rabbit vibrator I use to take the edge off. It doesn’t do like the real thing, but it helps. Maybe I should see if Izzy would help me out and take me to my house, or at least go by there and pick up some of my things since it seems I’m gonna be stuck here.

I’ve barely spoken two words to Thorn, let alone asked to get any of my stuff. I know I’m behind on my school work, and I could yank my damn hair out. It’s gonna be a bitch to catch up. The course was only four months long, and I had two months left. Missing a full week of class isn’t a good thing. I need to email my professors and let them know I had a family emergency or something. And get back to it.

“So, you wanna tell us what’s going on?” Kenny asks again.

“Umm, do I have to?”

“Bitch, you better start talking. We both might be pregnant, but I can still kick your ass. Well, maybe not your ass because I can’t lift my leg that high right now, but damnit, I’ll do something to make you talk.


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