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You’ll notice that as you practice diaphragmatic breathing, you start to take slower, deeper breaths from your belly area rather than from your chest. Because slower, deeper breathing can’t coexist ...
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Maximise awareness Earlier, we discussed feelings as the signposts that raise your awareness of what you are good at and whatnot. When you maximise understanding and acceptance of your strengths ...
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SYMBOLS AND TRADITIONS Southwest Airline pilots, as their ritual, touch the heart on the side of the plane before going through the boarding door. There is something wonderful about a ...
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8 CONNECTION TO SELF AND OTHERS ICAN HARDLY remember life before the internet, Google, and social media. Never in the history of mankind have humans been bombarded with the quantity ...
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Pelvis and Legs Your pelvis – home of the derrière – sits between your spine and your legs. It is a pretty complicated structure with all sorts of things going ...
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Finding My Path In my case, healing involved a range of modalities. In addition to counselling, I engaged in ThetaHealing, a form of meditation and spiritual philosophy. ThetaHealing helped me ...
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Wall Push-Ups Effect: ​ ​ Strengthens arms, shoulders and upper back muscles. Opens up the chest. Improves breathing. Stretches calf muscles. Important: ​ Practice with care in case of shoulder, ...
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Look Out the Window Exercise When you look out the window and observe what you see outside, you are using your visual system to bring your attention to the present ...
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JOGGING ON THE SPOT Jog from foot to foot, staying on the same spot on the floor. Go as hard as you can for the duration of your exercise. You ...
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epub |eng | 2016-05-17 | Author:Lora Pavilack & Nikki Alstedter [Pavilack, Lora]

Tennis Ball Foot Massage EFFECTS Stretches and massages your feet. EQUIPMENT A tennis ball. 1 Stand in a neutral position, taking notice of both your feet. 2 Step onto a ...
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Physical Damage Research continues to find a compelling relationship between chronic stress and a shocking array of physical problems, such as heart disease, high blood pressure, spasms of the coronary ...
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