Dynamic Alignment Through Imagery by Eric Franklin

Dynamic Alignment Through Imagery by Eric Franklin

Author:Eric Franklin
Language: eng
Format: epub, pdf
ISBN: 9781450423427
Publisher: Human Kinetics

Imagery Exercises for the Iliopsoas

1. Visualizing the iliopsoas: Visualize your pelvis, hip joint, femur, and minor trochanter, the insertion of the iliopsoas. The minor trochanter is located at the top and back of the femur lateral to the sit bones. Imagine the iliac fossa and the anterior inferior iliac spine, the origins of the iliacus. Imagine the vertebral bodies and discs of T12 and L1 to L4 and the transverse processes of L1 to L5, the origin of the superficial and deep psoas.

2. Hip creasing:

a. Fishing pole (CRP, legs not tied together): Imagine the leg to be a fishing pole. The lower leg is the string and the foot is a fish. The handle of the fishing rod is located in the area of the hip joint and extends to the minor trochanter. Pull the fish (foot) out of the water by initiating the action from the handle. As you perform this action, think of your back and especially the lumbar area spread on the floor (figure 10.67). (Exercise adapted from Lulu Sweigard.)


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