Where Secrets Lie by R.E. Gauthier

Where Secrets Lie by R.E. Gauthier

Author:R.E. Gauthier [Gauthier, R.E.]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Publisher: Blue Dawg Press
Published: 2019-03-01T00:00:00+00:00

Chapter Twenty-Six

Sleepy Hollow State Park, Just before sunset, March 14, 2012

Torres and Nikki were on the other side of the crime scene, while Kelsey walked the perimeter on the outside of the crime tape erected by the police. She wanted to see what drew the killer to this place and she also wanted to get a sense of landmarks. Wearing the long red wig to obscure her identity was annoying, but she knew if Washburg were watching the area, he wouldn’t be alerted to the presence of the FBI until they wanted him to know they were here. Today Torres, Nikki and she were there as the Crime Scene Investigation Team. They wore the white disposable forensic coveralls, the mask, booties, caps, and latex gloves.

Kelsey noticed the location was several yards from a hiking trail, down a gully a few feet from a stream that emptied into the lake. The area was rocky and had leaf litter from the dense tree canopy above. The tall, bare trees stood silently, branches swaying in the wind. Touching the bark of white birch, Kelsey closed her eyes. She tried imagining what the killer would have seen as he was searching for a location to bury the body. To her right, the lake stretched the entire length as far as the eye could see, to the left, the embankment went to the hiking trail. Had the killer been here before the burial, looking for the right spot? The place the killer buried the body was obscured from the hiking trail by rocks and trees. He would have had the benefit of this concealment when he buried the body at any time of the day. We need to look for people who may have seen a man fitting the description of the men Nikki found watching and following Kyle Nolan, on or near this park. Kelsey made notes in her book.

Glancing around to where Nikki and Torres were searching a small two-foot square grid area meticulously, Kelsey thought she saw a glint of sunlight from the setting sun reflecting off of an item. Afraid to call out and ruin their identity rouse, she walked carefully and quietly to the spot. “Nikki, I saw something just to the right of your hand,” Kelsey whispered.

Without looking up, Nikki used a gloved fingertip to brush away the leaves lightly. Under a leaf with holes in it, Nikki found a cracked glass syringe. With tweezers, she extricated the pieces carefully from their hiding spot. Placing each piece into an evidence bag, Nikki said quietly, “great eye. The crime scene investigators said teenagers and party-goers frequent this location in the park in the warmer months, but we’ll have it analyzed. I’m not certain drug addicts would use a glass syringe to shoot up, so this, most likely, was left behind by the killer.”

“How commonly are glass syringes used? Can we trace them easier than the plastic one?”

Nikki shrugged. “I can check into it. I know we use them when we want to analyze gases, but beyond that, it could be what the killer was able to obtain.


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