Vigilante Angels Trilogy by Billy DeCarlo

Vigilante Angels Trilogy by Billy DeCarlo

Author:Billy DeCarlo [DeCarlo, Billy]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Tags: karate martial arts korea, gay lgbt homophobia lgbtq homosexual, loss rage Marine veteran retaliation aged death, beach, executioner prejudice terminal cancer diagnosis, Assassination, island, police vigilante justice murder organized crime, loss grief hero criminal savior convict aging, noir revenge hatred racism cop retribution anger, serial killer dark disturbing vengeful urban pulp, political corruption
ISBN: 9780997219654
Publisher: Wild Lake Press, Inc
Published: 2017-09-29T04:00:00+00:00

BOBBY AND MIKE WALKED out toward the car.

“Well, that went marvelously,” Bobby said to Mike sarcastically.

“It just proved that your family is as screwed up as mine,” Mike said, hugging him.

“Easy...neighbors,” Bobby said, looking around nervously. Then he laughed. “Now look who’s in a rush to get out of the closet.”

“We’re getting there. Like you said, tonight was a big step. I’m happy we did this.”

“I’m happy it’s over,” Bobby answered. “I can’t believe we just took that step, after dreaming about it for so long.”

“You coming over for a while?”

“Yeah. I’d like to stay the night. I’m not sure I want to be around for whatever happens next here.”


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