The Tomb of Genghis Khan by Preston William Child

The Tomb of Genghis Khan by Preston William Child

Author:Preston William Child
Language: eng
Format: mobi
ISBN: 9781701899339
Publisher: Independently published
Published: 2019-10-20T23:00:00+00:00

GALEN SLAMMED DOWN THE PHONE. His contact had given him an update on David Purdue's next destination. Instead of digging up Mongolian canyons like everyone else had, Purdue was going to be exploring a remote part of China that not nearly as many people had searched. Even Galen knew that Genghis Khan's tomb was never found, but most people assumed that Kohan was buried somewhere in Mongolia. It was interesting that Khan would’ve been buried some place that he conquered rather than back home, but it made sense in a way. A famed conqueror like Khan might want to be laid to rest in a place that he’d just made his.

Oniel was nearby, waiting to hear the outcome of the phone call Galen just finished. Galen turned to him, still a little annoyed by Oniel's impatience, but Galen managed a grin. He knew Oniel was itching to take a real shot at Purdue and his friends. Oniel had wanted to cut Purdue's throat since the day Purdue killed his brother. This was a long time coming, and Galen knew Oniel wanted it to be done conclusively. Oniel didn't care about the semantics or the details that Galen did. Galen's vengeance was going to be well-planned, drawn out, and relished. If Oniel got his way, then his vengeance would be swift, bloody, and messy. Galen wanted David Purdue slowly crushed and begging for mercy while Oniel just wanted Purdue stuck like a pig.

But if the information was correct, then there was apparently a high chance that Purdue was going to find the tomb of Genghis Khan soon. Once he did, Galen would be fine eliminating him—after enjoying the moment, of course—and would appease Oniel's hunger for murder.

Galen hadn't thought too much about what would happen after he killed Davy, especially when it came to its impact on the order. He imagined that he’d have to kill or at least maim the new recruits that Purdue had brought into the Order of the Black Sun. They were probably chosen because they were loyal and a lot like Purdue. They wouldn't be of much use to Galen if they were angry with him for killing the man who recruited them. There were surely others who were still part of the order that didn't like Purdue and would want someone like Galen in charge. They’d love him for getting rid of Purdue. Then Galen could always call back some of the others that had fled the order like he did when Purdue took control.

If everything went well, Davy would be dead, the tomb of Genghis Khan would be found, and Galen would be able to become the undisputed leader of the Order of the Black Sun just like he wanted. Both David Purdue and Julian Corvus would be finally out of the way. It’d make all of Galen’s struggles and embarrassments worth it in the end if he ended up on top. They’d all respect him and he’d finally gain the recognition that he deserved, with all of the people that pissed him off out of the way.


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