The Piano Teacher by Robert K Tanenbaum & Peter S. Greenberg

The Piano Teacher by Robert K Tanenbaum & Peter S. Greenberg

Author:Robert K Tanenbaum & Peter S. Greenberg [Tanenbaum, Robert K & Greenberg, Peter S.]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Publisher: New American Library
Published: 0101-01-01T00:00:00+00:00


Enken Yukl was despondent. In early February, Bessie, the Great Dane, died. Charlie knew just what to do.

He took the bus over to Collier Kennels in New Jersey and bought a 16 month-old Great Dane for $300. It was reddish brown in color, and he took it home to his wife. They named it Sir Reginald.

The dog was young and a little hyperactive. Charlie hired an obedience trainer to come to the apartment and work with the animal, but the trainer wasn’t successful. The dog, Yukl was told, was very friendly, but had a tendency to become too nervous.

“So you see,” he related to Player at their next session, “with the exception of the dog, things are calm, they’re stable, and I’m really working things out.”

A month later, Yukl added another alley cat to his family; he called it Pinky. And when Bill Player’s Siamese cat had kittens, he gave one—called Kim—to Yukl.

What Yukl hadn’t told Player was that he was, in fact, having more of the “bad” dreams almost every night.

In the daytime, he had been approaching women again on the streets, claiming to be an advertising photographer.

Since January, he had been typing phony letters at Greeley and Hansen from various advertising agencies, then using the office xerox machine to make dozens of copies, which he collated into small packets of fraudulent letters. He would give these packets to the women as proof of his claims. One, which Yukl claimed he mailed to John Filor, of Filor-Forde Artists on East Fifty-fifth Street, concerned a supposed Jantzen sportswear print ad to be shot in Jamaica.

“Should you receive any inquiries from your models concerning the above,” Yukl instructed, “kindly advise them as follows:”


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