The Mayan Temple by Preston William Child

The Mayan Temple by Preston William Child

Author:Preston William Child
Language: eng
Format: mobi
Published: 2019-09-01T23:00:00+00:00



Purdue and Sam approached the entrance to the temple. It was surprising that they didn't come across any more of the Black Sun guards. Maybe they thought Lucius and his group would be a sturdy enough defense. They may have been if not for Lucius' less than stellar leadership. His mania had taken priority over his mission and cost him. Now he and his men were popsicles in the frigid waters below. It was Julian's own fault for trusting a man who so clearly wasn't right in the head. It wasn't a good idea to give a man who just spent weeks isolated, freezing, and starving to death a weapon and trust him to perform well. There had to be someone better to patrol the temple's perimeter. Hell, all of the men he was barking orders at were probably more suited for the job at hand.

Maybe that's what Oniel was supposed to be but he was a sadist who only cared about slitting Purdue's throat rather than actually protecting the temple. He wouldn't have been an ideal choice either for ensuring that no intruders came to disturb their plans.

It was odd that the Order of the Black Sun's outer defenses were so minimal. Then again, it might have just felt that way. For all they really knew, dozens of guards were lying in wait, hidden in the snow. They could just be watching for the right moment to pounce or spring a trap. Or allowing Purdue and Sam to enter the temple might have been the trap.

They were bound to find out soon enough. Purdue expected Julian Corvus and all of his cronies to be waiting for them the second that he and Sam walked inside but was relieved that he couldn't see anyone at all nearby.

The interior of the Mayan temple looked quite a bit different than Purdue remembered from his brief time inside during his trek to Honduras. For one thing, he could actually see this time. The Order of the Black Sun had lit up the whole place like a Christmas tree. Purdue had only been inside for a few minutes last time and he had spent those few moments in nearly complete darkness. The Black Sun wanted to see what they were doing and what exactly this place really had to offer them.

Purdue wondered if they had found the sacrificial altar yet. If they had, why hadn't Julian's wish been made? Or maybe they didn't even know that part of the story...but that didn't seem very likely. Purdue had found that bit of information with ease so it shouldn't have been difficult for them. They had teams of researchers devoted to learning anything they could about relics that could be useful to their cause. They must have known about the temple's real importance. How could they not?

“Nice place,” Sam muttered beside him but looked more than a little disgusted by their new surroundings. “Very cozy. Think Nina is somewhere in here?”

“I doubt it,” Purdue said, keeping his voice down just in case anyone was nearby.


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