The Day She Cried by K Webster

The Day She Cried by K Webster

Author:K Webster [Webster, K]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Tags: novel
Publisher: K Webster
Published: 2017-10-14T07:00:00+00:00

Courtney Moss.

An angel.

Fuck, she’s gorgeous.

Her blond hair is the color of white silk. Each time she moves or laughs, it catches the light and blinds me. I’m always so fucking mesmerized by her.

“Can I sit here—”

“Beat it,” I snarl to whoever thought they’d sit in front of me and block my view.

The kid stutters but wisely moves away. Courtney’s bitch friend Whitney hangs on her boyfriend and gives Courtney shit the whole lunch period. Today, we’re having pizza. But not Courtney. She picks at a piece of grilled chicken but keeps stealing gazes at everyone who walks by with pizza.

If she were my girl, I’d make sure she ate the goddamned pizza.

But she’s not my girl. Courtney Moss will never be my girl.

She’s an angel, and according to my father, I’m the devil.

“Let me see!” Whitney screeches, a wicked smile on her pretty plastic face.

Courtney grumbles when her friend steals her purse. “Whit. Stop. Please.” Her voice is soft, but she’s upset. It has me fisting my hands. I wish she’d fucking stand up to that cunt.

“Ew. I told you not to use this brand. It puts like ten pounds on you,” Whitney chides as she holds up a package of birth control pills and shows her boyfriend. He smirks and I want to wipe the stupid look right off his face.

“And I told you,” Courtney hisses, “it’s the only brand that doesn’t make me sick.”

At least her boyfriend has some balls because he snags the packet from Whitney and hands it back to Courtney. She shoves it back into her purse and spends the rest of the lunch hour with her head bowed.

When the bell rings, I rise and stalk over to the doorway. I like when she walks by and I get a whiff of her perfume. Today, she doesn’t linger to wait on her friends. She bolts from the table. Her face is bright red as she tosses her trash. With her head down, she races away from them. It isn’t until she crashes into me that she looks up.

On instinct, my arms wrap around her to keep from letting her fall to the floor.

I won’t let you fall, Courtney.

Her head jerks up and I’m staring into the prettiest blue eyes I’ve ever seen. Up close, they look like the sky on a hot summer day. Cloudless. Bright blue. Fucking stunning. Except hers aren’t happy. They’re filled with tears. And when she realizes she’s locked in my arms, she stiffens. Her pouty mouth parts open in shock.

I could kiss her.

Right now.

Lean forward and press my lips to hers.

She’d finally see me. I’d make her realize with one kiss that we could be good together. I’d sure as hell treat her better than her asshole friends. When I lean forward so that our noses almost touch, she gasps. Her body is tense, but she isn’t moving away. In fact, her eyes have fallen to my mouth. My heart gallops in my chest.

“You’re so beau—”

“What the fuck, man?” her boyfriend grumbles as he roughly jerks her away from me and into his arms.


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