Sunken Graves by Alan Lee

Sunken Graves by Alan Lee

Author:Alan Lee [Lee, Alan]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Published: 2021-04-07T16:00:00+00:00


That night, Daisy lay sleepless next to Byron, who watched Dexter episodes on his phone.

Jennings lay sleepless with visions of Craig Lewis firing his pistol. He watched Lewis fire over and over, and the man kept missing, sometimes hitting Daisy, sometimes hitting him. Anytime Jennings was shot, phantom pain radiated down his left leg.

It was difficult to hit a moving target with a pistol and sweaty hands. Amateurs didn’t fully understand how difficult. And to stop a big angry man like Lynch, you’d need to knock several chunks out with a .38 using cheap ammo. Multiple shots meant multiple chances to hit someone else by accident.

It’d be better to kill Lynch in private, alone. Kill him and leave. Lewis’ pistol was registered, though. They’d need something the police didn’t have on file. Something like the shotgun under Jennings’ bed. It’d work better anyway, a single shell more than sufficient. One blast from the shotgun, zero witnesses, no one getting charged for murder…

Jennings laughed, a sniffing through his nose.

Morbid where his mind went after midnight.


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