Sophie's Strange Reaction by Splashfics

Sophie's Strange Reaction by Splashfics

Language: eng
Format: epub
Tags: peeing, desperation, pee, wetting, omorashi, wetting pants, pee erotica, peeing women, big bladder, long pee


Despite the worried knocks of her friends throughout the afternoon, Sophie was reluctant and quite frankly unable to leave the toilet to answer their calls. Poppy, who had sent and received several messages from Sam, showed up later on to help her check on Sophie, whose mobile phone had remained untouched all day.

When they discovered, after trying the handle, that the door was unlocked, the two girls let themselves inside and discovered first-hand why Sophie wasn't answering.

'Are you alright in there, Soph?' Poppy called through the bathroom door.

'No! Go away!' Sophie replied, clearly distraught that after another hour had passed, she was still gushing at an alarming rate.

Behind her, Sam noticed Sophie's phone on her desk and picked it up.

'Do you want me to pass your phone through at least?' she asked, joining Poppy at the door and waiting anxiously for a reply.

After a tense few moments, Sophie responded that she wouldn't mind having something to do and told them it was okay to open the door. Sam pried the door ajar and slipped her hand through the gap, only to find that Sophie wasn't coming.

'You're going to have to bring it to me, Sam. I can't stand up or I'll get the floor all wet,' she advised glumly.

'Uhh sure, yeah okay,' said Sam and she sidled inside and handed Sophie the phone.

Standing right in front of her, Sam was unable to mask how shocked she was that Sophie hadn't stopped peeing since they'd entered the room. It was last night at the bar all over again...

'S-Sophie... Just how long have you been-'

'Okay thanks, Sam... You can leave now if you don't mind...'

Sophie had quickly grown weary of her audience and made to draw the curtains on her gratuitous display. As Sam blushed and shuffled out the door, Sophie felt her nerves jangling and wished to be left well alone, but unexpectedly that moment, her stomach began to rumble. It was well into the day and she hadn't eaten a thing since last night, so it was no surprise that the drawn-out groan was loud enough to compete even with the reverberating racket in the small bathroom.

'Actually...' Sophie muttered, 'Could someone go in my cupboard and bring me my biscuits please?'

'Of course, Sophie!'

Sam was more than happy to help and so too was Poppy, who had already darted to the cupboard and laid her hands on the packet in question.

'Are you sure these are going to be enough?' she asked.

There were only a couple of chocolate digestives left and Poppy could tell Sophie didn't expect to be finished on the toilet any time soon.

'Y-yeah those are fine...' Sophie lied, 'I won't be much longer... Just feel like a snack really.'

'Err... Right then...' said Poppy, not wanting to press her, even though she could see right through her subterfuge. 'Well... You let us know if you need anything else okay?'


And they closed the door, leaving Sophie to rustle open her dinner.

As the door to her bedroom snapped shut a moment later, Sophie took a bite of a biscuit and sighed.


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