Silence Until Death (Detective Jen Brighton Book 1) by Frank E. Holmes

Silence Until Death (Detective Jen Brighton Book 1) by Frank E. Holmes

Author:Frank E. Holmes [Holmes, Frank E.]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Published: 2023-08-23T23:00:00+00:00

“All right, boss. I’ll take that as an official order from a superior and won’t resist,” Jen replied and reached for her jacket.

Chapter 26

Sunday, September 8

Jen hadn’t wanted to spend her Saturday evening alone at home. So, she had made the choice to spruce herself up a bit and get out of the house. She applied bronzer and lipstick, making sure to emphasize her cat-green eyes with a gold eye shadow. Her hair, which she usually tied back in a braid, she wore down this time, and her skin tight dress perfectly flattered her figure. She had exchanged her comfortable sneakers for a pair of high heeled pumps. Then, she had driven her sports car to Charly's Pub, a popular spot for both young and old—or for people like her, who fell somewhere in between. She could feel eyes on her as she entered the bar, and it hadn’t taken long for her to be approached as she sat down to order a drink. However, the man, who had bought her a Guinness, was not at all her type, which she made bluntly clear to him as quickly as she could.

It was quite different with the second guy. He had sat down next to her, smiled at her, and said that since she had entered the bar, he had been anxiously waiting for an opportunity to tell her how stunning she looked. They had struck up a comfortable conversation, and when he inevitably told her his name, she had involuntarily started laughing. His brief irritation subsided only after Jen also told him her name, and he had burst into amused laughter just as she had moments before.

“Looks like fate has brought Jennings and Jen together tonight,” she had said, losing herself in the depths of his bright blue eyes.

It only took a half an hour of small talk for Jen to invite Jennings to her apartment. She had hardly even closed the door behind her, and he was already pulling her to the couch, where they passionately made love. The continuation took place in the bedroom, until they had finally fallen asleep, exhausted at some point.


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