Protect: Protect Book 4 by Ryann Olivia & Wood Vivian

Protect: Protect Book 4 by Ryann Olivia & Wood Vivian

Author:Ryann, Olivia & Wood, Vivian
Language: eng
Format: epub
Published: 2019-04-14T16:00:00+00:00



The next morning, I leave Rue sleeping in the bed and slip out to the kitchen. Damen is already there, glancing up at me as if I am late for a meeting with him.

“Finally,” he says, stretching in his chair. “You two do nothing but fuck. Do you know how boring things have been for me this week?”

I look to see if there is coffee. Finding none, I scowl. “I have had better things to do than worry about your feelings, brother. And now, I am more concerned with the fact that you did not make coffee.”

Now it is Damen’s turn to scowl. “I was waiting for your girl to get up and make it for me.”

I give him a look. “Fuck you. If you want coffee, make it for yourself.”

He grins. “It is always so easy to rile you up, Dryas.”

“Shut up.” Rolling my eyes and shaking my head, I start grinding the beans and filling up the tank of the coffee maker.

While it brews, I lean against the counter and level a look at my brother. He starts chuckling.

“I know that look. You need something.”

Rubbing the back of my neck, I grimace. “No. Not need. But Rue and I are going to Podgorica—”

Damen releases a sharp bark of laughter, his teeth flashing white. “Where?”

“It is the capital of Montenegro,” I sigh. “We thought that we should ask you to come along.”

His brow hunches. “I do not know. Will it be as boring as things are here? I am always looking for an adventure.”

God, I hope it is boring. Boring and safe.

Keeping my thoughts to myself, I shrug. “I do not know. But I will be hiring a team for security because Rue intends to try to find out more about her origins. And I do not want to be in enemy territory, as it were, poking around blindly.”

Damen drums his fingertips on the countertop. “I think it is a good idea, going to Montenegro. But I believe that Prince Henrick will take the entry of his half-sister very badly if he finds out that Rue is in his homeland.”

I narrow my eyes. “What do you mean, his half-sister?”

Damen grins again. I can feel my heart rate rise as I look at his smug expression. I am already ready to be angry before he even speaks.

“Rue did not tell you? She is likely the only rival for Henrick’s throne. Derrik told her quite an interesting story yesterday.”

My gaze darts back to the bedroom. “No, she did not mention that part.”

He smirks. “No, I thought not.”

My jaw clenches. I will talk to Rue, clear the air. Find out what other interesting bits of the conversation she did not mention. But right now, I am talking to Damen.

Crossing my arms, I give him a long-suffering expression. “Do you want to come with us or not?”

Damen’s smile falters just a bit. My refusal to let him create chaos between us seems to sit poorly with him. “I suppose.”

I repress a smile. “Great. Do you want to oversee finding us a security team?”

He shrugs.


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