Primed Son (Dark Siren Book 4) by Eden Ashley

Primed Son (Dark Siren Book 4) by Eden Ashley

Author:Eden Ashley [Ashley, Eden]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Published: 2015-11-26T00:00:00+00:00

Chapter 18

Finally comprehending the reasons behind Rhane’s hesitation to enter the valley, Kali suspected everyone else now understood his apprehension too. It had only taken ten seconds for chaos to erupt.

The downpour fell harder than before, dragging visibility down to zero. Nonstop thunder rumbled like clashing titans. Vibrations rocked through Kali’s bones and rattled her teeth. Lightning left the sky to snake beneath their feet, hissing and snapping as it crackled through the ground, seeming to shift the entire habitat. Kali struggled to stay upright as the strange being disappeared from sight, sinking into the lake from which he had arisen. But there was little time to focus on him or his warning because a new peril had materialized in the horizon. A hide of grayish white rose from the red liquid, expanding and growing at an alarming rate. Even more frightening were the fingers of electricity spreading across the creature’s skin like a web of energy. When the gigantic form finally unfolded, it reached clear into the clouds. The head wasn’t visible, but what they could see was fifty feet of the monster’s body and neck. Any legs, if they existed, remained beneath the water. Currents moved all across its skin, evaporating liquid wherever the electricity met the water. The effect was a cloud of vapors that hovered around the monstrosity, billowing up as far as its chest.

Rhane shouted above the cacophony of successive lightning strikes, ordering the kin to retreat, but more bolts exploded from the sky, striking all around to form a circle of blinding light. Surrounded, escape was impossible. This monster would have to die first.

Kali looked at Rhane. He stood braced against the storm, sword held in mid-guard. Defiant and pissed, he looked more than ready to face this new demon. It was funny how the things that should have scared him shitless had the opposite effect.

She knew he remained human in part to protect her, but right now what they all needed was Banewolf. And Kali intended to tell him just so. She turned, opening her mouth to shout his name, and saw what only could be described as a face from the darkest, cruelest nightmares lunge from mist. Humanoid in shape, but covered by macerated cords of muscle and thin, sagging skin that seemed to melt from its bones, the skull was fixed atop a long neck of sinewy muscle that whipped toward Rhane in a blur of movement. Kali saw Bellefuron flash and heard the thud of metal hitting a solid object. At the same time, lightning struck near them, creating a reaction so bright Kali was forced to look away.

Knocked from his feet, Rhane flew backward and landed over ten yards away. Streams of smoke spiraled from his clothing. Kali screamed but he had already jumped to his feet with white fur appearing at his temples. The kin snarled, looking in all directions for the next attack but were hard-pressed to avoid the electrical charges beneath their paws.

Before Banewolf fully transitioned,


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