Point of Impact by unknow

Point of Impact by unknow

Language: eng
Format: epub
Tags: Thriller, Action & Adventure, Fiction
ISBN: 9781439519547
Google: Vx_ZNwAACAAJ
Amazon: 0425179230
Publisher: Paw Prints
Published: 2001-01-01T00:00:00+00:00

Newport Beach, Californui

bar The Newport Beach Community Presbyterian Church (Usa) was not as ostentatious as, say, the Crystal Palace, right-brace but certainly it was L.a.: in your face enough so it right-brace wouldn't pass for a church most other places. Philosophi ically. God's frozen people tended to have conservative

"right-brace views on politics, conservative views on social issues, and of course, conservative views on religion. They were very liberal on converting the heathen, though, and never let a bar chance to start up an overseas mission pass by unmoi lested. An old running joke in the church was. the Presbyterians had offered to completely fund the Red Cross" and CARE, provided those organizations would let them pack a dehydrated minister in with each big shipment of blood or food. They were mostly Republicans, Drayne bar figured out back when he was still going to church, mostly white and old Republicans, at that. His family had been I members since Grandpa Drayne, a deacon of his church I back home in Atlanta, had moved out here eighty years l ago. The synods were different, but California and Georgia weren't that far apart as far as the basics were concerned.

The building itself had a lot of glass, giving it a light and airy look, and the air conditioning unit out back, roaring to keep the assembled cool, was the size of a half-ton pickup truck. Drayne figured the reason the Baptists always preached about hellfire was because in those un air-conditioned Southern churches, the congregation could relate to the concept. If the AC went out during a mild spring hot spell in a Presbyterian church, services would be canceled for fear the assembly would all die of heat stroke.


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