One Man Guy by Michael Barakiva

One Man Guy by Michael Barakiva

Author:Michael Barakiva
Language: eng
Format: epub, mobi
Publisher: Macmillan Children's Publishing Group


“You kissed him!” Becky shrieked, nearly choking on her Diet Dr Pepper.

“Keep your voice down. My parents haven’t left yet!” Alek whispered.

Becky and Alek were sitting on the bed in his room. The Tuesday morning sun blasted through his window, hitting a clock shaped like a robot that he’d received as a party favor at a friend’s bar mitzvah.

“Sorry,” Becky whispered. “But why didn’t you tell me earlier?”

“It just happened yesterday. What did you want me to do? Call you from his room?”

“Well, it wouldn’t have killed you!” Becky blurted. “I’m your best friend. I have a right to know these things before they happen.”

“I’ll try to remember that.”

“Alek, is this the appropriate time to remind you how you were just telling me you’re not gay?”

Alek sat in silence for a moment. He could still feel Ethan’s lips on his own, a memory that felt like a dream.

“I guess I was wrong,” he said simply.

“I knew it. I knew it! That’s why you didn’t kiss me back. No straight man could resist my charms.”

“Honestly, I don’t know if I’m gay. I mean, I’m not going to say that I’m never going to kiss a girl again. It’s just probably less likely—like you ever making another friend.”

“I’m going to rise above your sarcasm because this is a very special time for you, and when you look back on it, I want you to remember what a supportive, loving presence I was.” Becky jumped up and started pacing around the room, which was as meticulous as the rest of the house. “Don’t stop. What happened after?”

“After what?” Alek asked innocently.

“After you kissed him, fool. Did he freak out? Did you freak out? Did you guys go all the way?”

“Are you kidding me? All the way?”

“Just tell me what happened.” Becky grabbed the Diet Dr Pepper she had smuggled in for Alek. “And no more drink for you until I know everything.”

Alek closed his eyes so he could remember every detail. “You should’ve seen the look on his face. You know how cool and composed Ethan is? Well, if his eyes got any bigger, they would’ve met in the middle of his face.”

“Was it different? I mean, is kissing a boy different from kissing a girl?”

Alek sat back and searched for the right words. “It was totally the same, and totally different. He hadn’t shaved in a few days, and his stubble rubbed against my face. That was different.”

“I know some girls who have stubble.”

“Becky, do you want me to talk about this or do you want to crack jokes?”

“Talk! Talk! Talk!” She plopped down on the rolling chair at his desk and swiveled around.

“It was rougher. And I don’t just mean the stubble. Whenever I’ve kissed a girl, it’s been gentle. And sweet. But there’s something about kissing someone who’s bigger than you that makes it rougher. Not in a bad way. In a sexy way. You don’t have to hold back because you’re not scared you’re going to hurt them.”

“And did


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