A Web of Lies 27 by Bella Forrest

A Web of Lies 27 by Bella Forrest

Author:Bella Forrest
Language: eng
Format: mobi
Published: 2016-05-14T23:00:00+00:00

It was just as well that I had set my mind on our last resort already. We returned to the beach again that evening but we didn’t spot any hunters. Perhaps the authorities had called for everybody to stay inside while they investigated what had happened.

This, of course, would present an additional obstacle for me. I would have to go to the entrance and persuade them to let me inside as Jude, even though he was supposed to already be inside.

Still, one step at a time. I would have to overcome that obstacle once I came to it.

Arwen took me to her mother’s potion room, where she began brewing up the concoction. Once it was ready, I went through the rather disgusting process of taking it and then the most unnerving experience of turning into a guy. After the tingling in my body had stopped, Arwen signaled with a nod that the transformation was complete. “It worked!”

She couldn’t get the grin off her face. I, on the other hand—or rather Jude—was grimacing.

I’m a guy. This is so weird. Grandma Sofia had described to me what it felt like, but nothing could have prepared me for experiencing it myself.

“I’ll get you some clothes.” Arwen chuckled.

Currently I had only a bathrobe wrapped around me. Arwen vanished before reappearing a few minutes later with a pair of black pants and a black shirt to match the type of outfit Jude had been wearing. The size looked like it would just about fit. I moved away from the mirror so I couldn’t see my reflection as I changed. I wanted to preserve Jude’s modesty at least a bit.

“Okay,” I informed Arwen in my new, deep voice. “I’m done.”

She approached, holding out a small golden square object in her palm. “Fit this onto one of your back teeth. It’s a tracker so that, if something goes wrong, at least I can sense your location.”

“Right,” I said, clenching my jaw. “Good idea.” Opening my mouth, I moved the tracker inside and fiddled around until I found a comfortable position. I pressed down the tiny object against one of Jude’s molars. Once it was secure, I could hardly feel it.

“I won’t swallow it if I drink some water, will I?”

“No. But just be careful all the same.”

I drew a deep breath, moving to the mirror again. I ran my hands through Jude’s shoulder-length hair before gathering it and tying it in a ponytail, trying to mimic his style. I rubbed my hands against his beard. Prickly and coarse. Ugh. I was sure that he would look better without a beard, like Lawrence had.


Thinking about him made me ache inside. I’ve got to know if he’s okay.

“Also, take these,” Arwen said, handing me a black hoodie and placing a pair of glasses on me. She looked me over. “So, are you ready?” she asked, planting a hand on my right shoulder.

“Yeah,” I replied.

Arwen returned us to the beach.

“You okay?” she asked as we faced the line of buildings.

“Yes,” I managed.


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