Fallen Heir by Erin Watt

Fallen Heir by Erin Watt

Author:Erin Watt
Language: eng
Format: epub
Publisher: Timeout LLC
Published: 2017-08-28T07:00:00+00:00

Chapter 16

“Did you seriously switch up your entire schedule?” Ella demands the next morning.

I slam my locker door shut and turn to grin at her. “Nope. I’m still in Calculus.”

She gapes at me. “But all your other classes are different?”

“Pretty much.”

“And Beringer approved this?”


“Was he on crack?”


She snatches my new schedule out of my hand. Mrs. G printed it out for me when I popped into the office after practice.

“This is ridiculous!” Ella huffs. “You need to take certain classes in order to graduate, Easton. There’s only one language class on here—you need two this semester. And you’re taking government! You took that last year! Why are they letting you take it again?”

“I’m going with your crack theory.”

She shoves the paper against my chest. “This is Hartley Wright’s schedule, right?”

“Yeah, so?” It’s not a big secret—I already told everyone last week why I was attending all different classes.

“So, don’t you think you should leave her alone?”

“That’d be a negative.”

“But…she’s made it pretty clear she doesn’t want to go out with you.”

“I know, and I’m cool with that. We’re best friends now, Ella. Don’t you worry about a thing.”

Ella’s not buying what I’m selling. “What are you up to?”

“Only very good things, baby sis.” I sling an arm around her shoulder.

She sighs. “I have a bad feeling about this.”

Her skepticism begins to annoy me. “Why? Is it so hard to believe that I could be good for Hartley?”

“Yes, it is. You know I love you to death, but come on, Easton. You make decisions based on how people make you feel, not the other way around.”

“Come on. I’m not that bad,” I joke.

But Ella’s on a roll. “Are you denying it? Denying that you screwed around with your brothers’ girlfriends? That you told me once that—”

Stung, I drop my arm and slow down. “Did I piss in your cereal this morning? Why are you throwing this shit in my face?”

“Because I care about you. When you hurt people, it ends up scarring your own heart.” Her expression softens. “I want you to be happy. I don’t think this is going to make you happy.”

“How about you stay in your own lane and worry about whether Reed’s being faithful all the way up at State without you,” I snap.

As hurt floods her face, regret replaces my anger.

“Fuck, I’m sorry. That was a crappy thing to say. Reed worships the ground your little feet walk on.” I ruffle the top of her head. “But, look, I’m being serious, okay? Hartley and I’ve come to an agreement. She needs a friend, and for some reason, I want to be that friend. I’m not going to hurt her and she’s not going to hurt me.”

Ella doesn’t look convinced. “If you say so.”

“I do. We good?”

She gives me a short nod and then throws her arms around my waist. “I want you to be happy,” she whispers against my chest.

“I am,” I say and then escape to my classroom.

I don’t like spending a lot of time in my head.


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