Making a Change for Good by Cheri Huber

Making a Change for Good by Cheri Huber

Author:Cheri Huber
Language: eng
Format: epub
Publisher: Shambhala Publications

As the bumper sticker says:

Now the work is to take each of those young “yous” by the hand, pull them into your lap, and be the person they’ve always hoped would be there to guide them through life with unconditional love and acceptance. Now you have the opportunity to mentor those children in the way they (you) were not the first time around.

That’s why meditation is so important. In meditation we find the center of conscious, compassionate awareness, and from that place mentor the young parts of ourselves who never had anyone help them understand their wants and needs.

The Mentor I’m encouraging you to find is not a source of permissive self-indulgence. Nor is the Mentor a hard taskmaster who makes you do stuff you don’t want to do for your own good. The Mentor speaks from conscious, compassionate awareness. The Mentor, being center, loves you and all life unconditionally.


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