Fate of Dragons by Olivia Ash

Fate of Dragons by Olivia Ash

Author:Olivia Ash [Ash, Olivia]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Publisher: Wispvine Publishing
Published: 2019-04-07T16:00:00+00:00

Chapter Eighteen

Through the scope of a Fairfax-issued rifle, I survey a meadow.

It’s deadly quiet. In the chilly night, nothing chirps. Nothing rustles. The only sound is the agonizing wheeze of an injured dragon, lying wounded and bleeding in the middle of the field.

My every impulse is to run to him—in the silvery moonlight, it’s easy to recognize Levi. His beautiful scales. The majestic curve of his neck. The massive wings.

But this is clearly a trap.

Chains cover his body, brutal barbs that slice through his stunning blue skin. I grit my teeth in anger, and it’s abundantly clear there will be no mercy tonight.

These people came onto embassy land, kidnapped a dragon I adore, tore his body nearly to shreds, and are now lying in wait with their trap set.

Tonight, they’re going to die.

I scan the edge of the forest, only to find forty-three of them sloppily hidden among the trees. There’s probably another dozen or so hidden among the canopy, simply invisible due to my vantage point. Those I can see shift their weight and adjust in their seats, some of them in the branches with their scopes trained on the meadow as well.

Though this would be a fairly simple victory for me, I hesitate.

Based on their lackluster stealth and cloaking ability, it’s easy to assume these are nothing more than well-equipped amateurs.

And yet, somehow, these bumbling idiots were smart enough to not only capture a dragon as swift as Levi, but also knew to take him off of embassy land. This strip of the forest is owned by humans—which means Jace and his dragons can’t technically shift.

They’re not supposed to shoot anyone, either, so we’re still breaking laws by being here. But it’s a lot easier to go unnoticed in their human forms, sneaking under the canopy, than it would be if they shifted.

This puts the dragons at a disadvantage, but these fools don’t seem to realize they’re dealing with an army as brilliantly trained in hand-to-hand combat as they are in dragon fighting.

Either they’re stupid, or I’m missing something. Both options make me a little nervous.

Jace kneels beside me, his rifle aimed toward the forest floor as he glares into the field. We briefly exchange a tense look, but this isn’t the time or place to argue.

He doesn’t want me to be here, but he knows I would show up anyway, regardless. Short of locking me in a cell—and probably not even then—there’s nothing he can do to force me to obey.

And, if we’re being honest, he absolutely could lock me in a cell. He’s probably tempted to do it, in fact, and he very well might follow through one day.

But right now, Levi’s life is at stake, and Jace seems to be agreeing to yet another tense peace with me in an effort to save him.

“Negative,” Jace whispers into the earpiece he’s wearing. “No need for backup. Secure the embassy.”

He pauses, no doubt listening to someone on the other end of the line.

Apparently satisfied, Jace leans toward me, his voice low.


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