Being Lolita by Alisson Wood

Being Lolita by Alisson Wood

Author:Alisson Wood
Language: eng
Format: epub
Publisher: Flatiron Books


He always drove. The map on my knees that I could never fold right, ever. But there was a destination in mind, under his finger, circled in green ink: Ithaca, New York, a college-and-Nabokov tour bound together.

Cornell, also in Ithaca, was “the same university where Vladimir Nabokov had been a professor,” Nick explained patiently, “where he was a famous lepidopterist.”

I assumed it meant something dirty, and I tried to play ingenue.

“A butterfly collector,” he defined.

“Oh,” I said, disappointed. Who cares about butterflies?

In just a few months I was going to Ithaca College, the other side of town from Cornell. But for now, we both lived in our parents’ homes. So that summer it felt like all we did was drive.

The drive from his place to Ithaca was nearly half a day. But first I had to get to his place, a half hour from home, park around the block, ring his doorbell. I was late, like almost always, and he was annoyed—“I was waiting by the door, you know.” The coming and going, the in-between, that was the real risk when someone could see me. But I knew once my bags were in his back seat and the radio was on and his hand was on my leg he would forget about that. I’d get to choose the CD and hold my hand into the open-window air. I imagined how we could walk together with his arm around me. I loved it, every step.


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