Autoboyography by Christina Lauren

Autoboyography by Christina Lauren

Author:Christina Lauren [Lauren, Christina]
Language: eng
Format: epub, mobi
Publisher: Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers
Published: 2017-09-12T07:00:00+00:00


Sebastian texts me before bed every night and first thing every morning. Sometimes they’re as simple as Hey.

Other times they’re longer, but barely. Like the Wednesday after dinner at his house, he sent me a note that said simply, I’m glad we agree on the situation.

I take it to mean we’re definitely together.

I also take it to mean we’re definitely a secret.

Ergo . . . we’re a little homeless. My house is now out of the question. His house is definitely out of the question. We could hang out in my car, but not only does that feel too shady, it feels dangerous, like we’d be inside a fishbowl with a sense of privacy and no real walls.

So—beginning the weekend after we’re busted in my room by Dad—at least twice a week, we hike. Not only does it allow us to get away from prying eyes during a time of year when no one else is out on the mountain, but—at least for me—it helps burn off the extra energy I seem to be carting around. It’s cold as hell some days, but worth it.

Things we have done in the two weeks after he whispered the word “boyfriend” into a kiss:

• Celebrated our one-week and two-week anniversaries, in the cheesiest way possible—cupcakes and handmade cards.

• Stealing knowing glances in every Seminar class we’re in together.

• Passing off letters as subtly as we can—usually under the guise of handing him pages of “my book” to read and him handing them back. (Sidenote: My book is flying out of me, but it’s still not the one I’m supposed to be writing. Thinking about it sends me into a spiraling panic. Moving on.)

• Rereading the letters until the paper is practically falling apart.

• Finding creative use for emojis in texts.

Things we have not done since he whispered the word “boyfriend” into a kiss:


I know it’s hard for both of us to be able to feel closer without feeling closer, but everything else is so good right now, I won’t let the lack of groping pull me down off cloud nine.

Autumn takes a page off the stack of handouts going around the room and drops the pile onto my desk, pulling me out of my fog. Sebastian is at the front of the room, bent over a notebook with Clive and Burrito Dave. It doesn’t matter that Clive is dating Camille Hart and Burrito Dave is dating half the junior class. Jealousy spikes sharply between my ribs.

As if he can sense the fire of my stare, Sebastian glances up and then quickly away, blushing.

“Do you . . . ?” Autumn starts, and then shakes her head. “Never mind.”

“Do I what?”

She leans in, whispering, “Do you think he likes you? Sebastian?”

My heart trips over her question, and I force my attention back down to the laptop in front of me, typing the same word over and over again:





Thursday is three days from now, and when we’re going on our next hike.

“How would I know?” I ask.


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