Andor: Book 1 (The Ember Knight Series) by Rachel Black

Andor: Book 1 (The Ember Knight Series) by Rachel Black

Author:Rachel Black [Rachel Black]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Tags: Sample Book
Publisher: UNKNOWN
Published: 2017-07-30T06:00:00+00:00

Chapter 2

Book 1 It was easy to see why Jerin had called the valley his hidden nest. It was set deep inside of the Chalcadon and was completely secure from the outside winds and winter storms, just like a nest and he could see a pair of nesting eagles soaring over the picturesque scene spread out below. At first sight, everything seemed brilliantly blue colored in the late afternoon sunlight. The trees, lakes and meadow grasses were all a deep teal and even the opposite cliffs of the Chalcadon in the misty distance, looked blue gray against the azure sky. It was surprisingly warm, especially since it was rather high in elevation, and they began following a tiny spring that hurried eagerly downward into a sun-dappled meadow. Above them, the rushing wind could be heard swaying the towering tops of spruce trees even before it could be felt.

As they descended from the hillsides, Jerin couldn’t resist pointing out some of his favorite places to the attentive young stranger. There were overgrown, wooded, shadowy places beneath the hemlocks that beckoned to be explored with patches of bright clearings where the sun burst down through needled, spruce in slanting, golden rays. Traces of pastel wildflowers peeped from underneath a canopy of aspens in little clumps and they spotted herds of deer grazing in the hollows. At last, they reached one of the small crystal pools where a pure spring poured down over huge, mossy stones to feed the blue of the lake. Jerin was forced to stop because of the unbearable pain in his ankles and his young guest seemed to feel a great pity for him as he helped him lower his swollen feet into the cooling water. As he rested, Jerin splashed his face with water, taking extra care to wash the dirt and blood from his hair and beard while the young stranger settled on a boulder a few yards away and watched him through keen, interested eyes.

After a brief rest, Jerin felt that he must be on the move, since his place was only a short distance from the lake. He longed for the comfort of being home, for he had never expected to see it again. He had believed that he would die by the hands of his heartless enemy. It seemed nothing short of a miracle that he was looking over his hidden nest once more. Now he turned toward his liberator with a feeling of unspoken gratitude. The young man correctly interpreted his look to mean he was ready to move on and he sprang to his feet with the agility of a gazelle. In a moment, he was carefully steadying the old man on his sensitive limbs again. They followed the spring down to where it converged with a placid river and the valley leveled out. Jerin was moving with all the speed of a wounded turtle, but he flatly refused to be carried another step.

With every bend in the river, a new splendor burst into view.


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