And then there were none by Agatha Christie

And then there were none by Agatha Christie

Author:Agatha Christie
Language: eng
Format: mobi, epub
Tags: Mystery & Detective - General, Detective, Detective and mystery stories, Mystery & Detective, Mystery, Fiction - Mystery, Fiction, Literary, Mystery fiction, Suspense, Traditional British
ISBN: 9780671706081
Publisher: Pocket Books
Published: 1986-07-15T07:56:24.019000+00:00

have been a false statement, made so that Rogers should appear to be in the same position as ourselves. Mrs. Rogers' terror last night may have been due to the fact that she realized her husband was mentally unhinged." Lombard said:

"Well, have it your own way. U. N. Owen is one of us. No eiceptions allowed. We all qualify."

Mr. Justice Wargrave said:

"My point is that there can be no exceptions allowed on the score of character, position, or probability. What we must now examine is the possibility of eliminating one or more persons on the facts. To put it simply, is there among us one or more persons who could not possibly have administered either Cyanide to Anthony Marston, or an overdose of sleeping draught to Mrs. Rogers, and who had no opportunity of striking the blow that killed General Macarthur?" Blore's rather heavy face lit up. He leant forward.

"Now you're talking, Sir!" he said. "That's the stuff! Let's go into it. As regards young Marston I don't think there's anything to be done. It's already been suggested that some one from outside slipped something into the dregs of his glass before he refilled it for the last time. A person actually in the room could have done that even more easily. I can't remember if Rogers was in the room, but any of the rest of us could certainly have done it."

He paused, then went on.

"Now take the woman Rogers. The people who stand out there are her husband and the doctor. Either of them could have done it as easy as winking-" Armstrong sprang to his feet. He was trembling.

"I protest-This is absolutely uncalled for! I swear that the dose I gave the woman was perfectly-"

"Dr. Armstrong."

The small sour voice was compelling. The doctor stopped with a jerk in the middle of his sentence. The small cold voice went on.

"Your indignation is very natural. Nevertheless you must admit that the facts have got to be faced. Either you or Rogers could have administered a fatal dose with the greatest ease. Let us now consider the position of the other people present. What chance had 1, had Inspector Blore, had Miss Brent, had Miss Claythorne, had Mr. Lombard of administering poison? Can any one of us be completely and entirely eliminated?" He paused. "I think not."

Vera said angrily:


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