Powder Keg (Max Kane Series Book 6) by Trevor Scott

Powder Keg (Max Kane Series Book 6) by Trevor Scott

Author:Trevor Scott [Scott, Trevor]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Publisher: Calabria Publishing
Published: 2020-08-01T16:00:00+00:00


Max and Sonny spent the morning at the county courthouse in Buffalo. They had lunch at a nice little restaurant in downtown. There was nothing like a good burger and fries in a western café.

Now, the two of them drove toward the southeast side of Sonny’s property until the road ended. Then they got out and hiked to the edge of the property line. Sonny’s fence line for his cattle was a couple hundred yards from the actual edge of his property, since here the land started to rise up into the Bighorn Mountains.

They were high enough now that the ground was covered with a dusting of fresh snow from the night before.

“That creek is nice on the south side,” Max said. “Any trout in there?”

“I don’t know. I never fished it. It’s officially on the Brumby property.”

Max stepped off to the south until he came to a small dip in the land. Here the creek passed through a narrow canyon about as wide as two 18-wheelers end-to-end. Cottonwoods and junipers masked much of the water. Knowing he was heading out on the property, Max had brought his hand-held GPS. He took out the GPS and started to track satellites as he got closer to the creek.

“Where’s the southwest corner of your property?” Max asked.

“There should be a stake right around here somewhere,” Sonny said.

Max gazed to the east and could see the fence line on the edge of the property. The creek ran along the edge of the fence for a while, although some fifty feet south, before the water drifted farther into the Brumby property.

“Have you ever seen the stake for your property?” Max asked.

“I don’t recall,” Sonny said. “But you can clearly see my fence.”

Just for the hell of it, Max went right to the water and stopped. His GPS was now tracking enough satellites to bring the accuracy to within a few feet. He locked in and saved this position.

“What are you thinking?” Sonny asked.

“I’m thinking your property line should be all the way to the other side of this creek.”

“That can’t be right.”

“We’ll need a surveyor to verify,” Max said. “But if I’m right, you should have rights to this water for your cattle.”

“That would be huge,” Sonny said. “We’ve always had to bring in water for our cattle. It limits the size of our herd.”

As they started to walk back toward the truck, Max heard the distinct sound of a high-powered rifle.

Instinctively, Max put his hand on his Glock on his right hip. He said, “What hunting season is open now?”

“Cow elk. Why?”

“I thought I heard a bullet buzz by us,” Max said. “And I’ve heard that too many times in my past.”

A second shot went off, and Max heard the buzz again. He grabbed Sonny and pulled him down to the tall grass. Then he scanned high ground for anything out of the ordinary.

“Is someone shooting at us?” Sonny asked.

“Afraid so. Do you have cell service?”

Sonny pulled out his phone and said, “Spotty. The closest cell tower is beyond that ridge to the south.


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