One Way Home by Jennifer Youngblood

One Way Home by Jennifer Youngblood

Author:Jennifer Youngblood
Language: eng
Format: azw3
Publisher: Arbor House Books
Published: 2020-04-20T04:00:00+00:00


“Hey, girl,” Briggs said in a cooing voice as his golden retriever came up and nudged a cool nose against his hand. Ruby began panting happily as he rubbed her thick coat. “How ya doing there, Ruby Doo?”

Ruby let out a whiny howl in response.

Briggs laughed as he patted her head. Ruby had earned her nickname of Ruby Doo from the cartoon character Scooby Doo because of her mournful sounding barks.

Ruby hopped up on the leather couch beside Briggs and scooted next to him. He stroked her fur absently as he stared unseeingly at the soccer game playing on the TV. His date with Zoe was in a few hours. Briggs felt a combination of anticipation and angst. He got the feeling that the date was do or die—his one and only chance to make a breakthrough with Zoe. Would she like the surprise he had for her? It would either go off fantastically well or be a complete disaster. Briggs wasn’t sure which way the pendulum would swing.

His thoughts went back to the auction the night before. Briggs had felt like he was cheating the heartaches of the past and getting a few stolen moments with Zoe as he’d sat with his arm around her, never imagining what would happen next.

When Briggs learned that Zoe had bid on him, his heart had nearly burst out his chest he was so ecstatic. Then, when he saw Zoe breathing fire as she tromped up on the stage, he figured she’d been set up. Like Zoe, he thought Jax had done it. Then he heard the outrageous sum that had been bid for him, and it really threw him for a loop. Just for a moment, when they were on stage and Briggs said the spiel about the kiss—he’d done it to remind Zoe of everything they’d once had—he felt like he was getting through to Zoe. He saw the mixed emotions playing over Zoe’s face and knew she was remembering. The raw longing on her beautiful face gave him cause to hope for one wonderful second that he might have a chance. Then, the enraged warrior on a warpath took over when they left the stage, and Zoe went on a full-scale attack. He grinned, thinking of how her hair had flown out behind her like liquid flames, her dark eyes glittering with determination. What a woman she was with her smooth, olive skin, delicate features and high cheekbones. It was more than just Zoe’s looks that captured him. She had more fire and torque than any woman he knew. He loved the artist in her that got such joy out of creating intricate sculptures from items most people discarded. Also, he loved the classy side of Zoe, the one who wanted to create a good home for herself and her family. He could tell that she dearly loved her children. They were good kids. Briggs was enjoying getting to know them, especially Milo whom he’d been teaching to ride.

One way home.


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