Nothing New Under the Sun by J C Ryan

Nothing New Under the Sun by J C Ryan

Author:J C Ryan
Language: eng
Format: mobi
ISBN: 9781530660797
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
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Chapter 26

A pack of information

Hassan had another request for hire from a nearby ISIS chapter for his demolition crews to destroy some pagan ruins in an area under their control, which Hassan accepted. It did not matter all that much to him. If the Daesh wanted the ruins destroyed, let them use their own explosives and pay for the work. He planned to incorporate this area into his own sphere of control but was not yet ready to make his move. This job would diminish their arsenal of explosives, weakening their defenses when he attacked, and add some funds to his bank account.

He was well aware of the Westerners’ concern for the old broken stones and ancient idols. Hassan understood they would use it against him if he were connected to the destruction of these old pillars. Therefore, he instructed his men to make sure they were not photographed in their uniforms. They were to wear ISIS uniforms and make it clear to everyone this was an ISIS action.

With the financial backing and the blessings of the Saudi’s, he started preparations for the next expansion. He consolidated what had been conquered before, and the people in the areas under his control were happy and safe. It was time to increase the influence of The True Sons of the Prophet again. There were still vast areas about him under the control of fanatics and incompetents - ripe for the picking.

Upon proclaiming a new and independent territory, his first act was to create the resemblance of a state. He understood man’s need to belong to a large tribe - one that was on a winning streak. His march across the hills and valleys did not go unopposed, but he triumphed everywhere his troops went, receiving a hero’s welcome in each new territory conquered. The people were eager to greet the arrival of the Sultan of Syria.

He took a second wife, one of the beautiful daughters of a tribal leader, and cemented his link to the powerful families in the land. His second son was born, and within the same week, Adeela gave him a beautiful dark-eyed daughter.

His troops trained regularly, maintaining their reputation as the best and most disciplined in the region. They knew he would tolerate nothing less.

The Saudi partnership was working very well. Very soon, he would welcome five new instructors who were ex-special forces. They would launch the Special Forces division of the armies of the True Sons of the Prophet. The services of these highly trained men, who had served in the much-feared Russian Spetsnaz, were easily bought at the right price.


In a secret lab in the lower part of Mecca in the district of Misfalah, Saudi Arabia, very close to Jabal Thawr, also known as Mount Bull, three scientists were working on a project. One was Chinese, one Pakistani, and one Bulgarian.

The lab was close to the famous cave, Ghar al-Thawr, Cave of the Bull, in which Muhammad and his companion, Abu Bakr, hid from their persecutors, the Quraish, during their migration to Medina.


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