Mark Greaney by The Gray Man

Mark Greaney by The Gray Man

Author:The Gray Man [Man, The Gray]
Language: eng
Format: epub
ISBN: 9780515147018
Publisher: Jove
Published: 2009-09-29T07:00:00+00:00

Riegel’s phone rang at nine forty in the morning. He was in his office, putting in a full day on Saturday, having reluctantly canceled a weekend grouse-hunting trip in Scotland.


“Sir. Kruger speaking.” Kruger was a Swiss security chief for LaurentGroup based in Zurich. “I have information on the target. I had been instructed to contact Mr. Lloyd, but I thought I would let you know.”

“Fine, Kruger. I’ll pass the information. What do you have?”

“I have him, sir. He’s just boarded the 9:40 for Geneva. Second-class ticket, no seat reservation.”

“Geneva? Why is he going south? He should be headed west.”

“He could be running away. Giving up, I mean.”

“Maybe. Maybe not. It’s out of his way, but he does have associations there.”

“I can have surveillance in Geneva ready to intercept him at the station.”

“No. We’ll arrange a different welcoming party for him there if that is his actual destination. This could be a misdirection. He might get off along the way, take another train to France. I need you to organize coverage at every station where that train stops between Zurich and Geneva. Also make sure he doesn’t get off before the train leaves.”

“I’m on the train myself now. I’ll babysit him along the route and update you as we get closer.”

“Alles klar. Good work.”

Riegel next called the Tech at the chateau in Normandy. “Get the Venezuelans heading south to catch up with the 9:40 from Zurich to Geneva. The Gray Man is on board, but he may try to get off along the way. The Venezuelans need to be ready to take him down at a moment’s notice.”


Riegel consulted a large map of Switzerland on his desk. “Get the South Africans in Basel to Geneva. If Gentry makes it alive to the station, they’ll need to follow him out and do him in the street. There will be too many cameras and cops in the station.”


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