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Greenlees, J. & McClelland, R. (2010). Regression and superlative consumer price indexes for apparel using U.S. scanner data. Presentation at the 31st General Conference of the International Association for Research ...
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5.3.3 Differential Diagnoses Borderline endometrioid tumor/atypical proliferative endometrioid tumor (Fig. 5.4): These tumors have two representative growth patterns of being adenofibromatous and intracystic. The proliferative cells with crowded and back-to-back ...
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Varshney’s characterization of Hindu and Congress nationalism is exactly right, specially his reference to the nineteenth-century origins of these rival nationalisms. The nationalism on which Gandhi and Nehru built, and ...
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Communications subsystems allow intra-process coordination or cooperation. What is required is that two or more processes have established a channel link. As we saw before, a communications chan nel is ...
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Chapter 12 JERRY THE TELLER At midnight a small brougham stopped at the gates of the city hospital in Rouen. A short distance ahead, the lamps of a cab, drawn ...
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Compensation at LaPlace: Flat Rates and Their Exceptions On the other side of the Atlantic, LaPlace also needed as many writers as possible in order to publish more and faster. ...
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Every individual capital is a larger or smaller concentration of means of production, with a corresponding command over a larger or smaller army of workers. Every accumulation becomes the means ...
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* * * — IF THE EVOLUTIONARY psychologists are right, middle schoolers have a big problem: Everything about their lives is out of whack. Their brains have evolved to set ...
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History Writing: Philology Against Philosophy The writing of history reflected this trend; historians tended to follow writers and embrace their nationalism. Ranke and his followers promoted philology and language; they ...
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Recommended Best Practice Very early diagnosis and intervention, before the age of 3 years if possible, is the best way to reduce the problems of autism in adolescence. Seek target ...
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Understanding Practices: Practice Theory and Praxeology Continuously, the notion praxeology covers the overall science and investigation of human action, whereas PT, in short, specifically covers praxeology as approach in a ...
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Timpson, C. G. (2008). Quantum Bayesianism: A study. Studies in history an philosophy of modern physics, 39, 579–609. von Neumann, J. (1932). Mathematische Grundlagen der Quantenmechanik. Berlin: Springer. © Springer-Verlag ...
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On the ski lift at Poiana Brașov. iStock Officially a district of Brașov but 12km (8 miles) south geographically and a world away in atmosphere, Poiana Brașov 4 [map] (altitude ...
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