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Let a pause live while you count to twenty-five. It might take a minute or two for the conversation to continue. If there's a flare of feeling, acknowledge it: Bill, ...
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One Day vs. Next-Day Leadership “Thirty-five years he worked to get away from the office, and now he can’t stop talking about it,” Camille said in a mock angry tone. ...
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CHAPTER SUMMARY We usually deny unpleasant business realities when they are uncomfortable to our gut. Our intuitions push us to look for information in making business decisions that matches our ...
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CHANGE AND THE TRIANGLE OF MENTAL LIFE In our effort to understand the complex process of change, it helps to look at human behavior as being made up of a ...
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“Honoring People” Sometimes Means Having Zero Tolerance Keeping people at the forefront – especially when it concerns their safety – isn’t always easy. In many cases you will have to ...
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Meeting with Creditors I also needed to meet with our creditors. I wanted to spell out our situation clearly and honestly. Though the meeting overall went well, it was disheartening. ...
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Chapter 5 Performance Momentum: Monitor and Make Adjustments We have a niche market—K–12 textbooks, with a special emphasis on math and science. In the old days we had a lock, ...
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CHAPTER 15 FIVE QUESTIONS BEFORE STARTING YOUR ENTREPRENEURIAL JOURNEY Megha Hamal Every entrepreneur’s journey starts with a story, whether an account of overcoming adversity or an anecdotal moment of inspiration ...
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Getting the Wheel Rolling: Coalitions at the Table The need for allies and the important roles they play become clear in examining coalition-building for Daily Table. Rauch’s allies were inspired ...
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“Special Projects”: A Kick into Retirement The fear that Torschlusspanik provokes can be so powerful that many senior leaders hang on too long, careful to not step outside the city ...
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ABBREVIATIONS AND SYMBOLS cal calories carbo carbohydrates chol cholesterol cont container diam diameter fl. fluid gms. grams ″ inch < less than > more than mgs. milligrams lb(s). pound(s) n.a. ...
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MINDSET FOUR: CHARGE APPROPRIATELY FOR YOUR SERVICES. MOST BUSINESS OWNERS COME from a place of generosity, humility, and goodwill by pricing their services or products “affordably,” which is often way ...
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Challenge Time! Answer the following questions, to assist you in getting clear on your specific target market and what problem you will solve with your business. Gaining clarity in these ...
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