The Slight Edge by Jeff Olson

The Slight Edge by Jeff Olson

Author:Jeff Olson [Olson, Jeff]
Language: eng
Format: epub
ISBN: 9781626340466
Published: 2013-11-21T08:00:00+00:00

A Penny Saved …

We’ve been talking about just adding a penny a day. But the thing is, when you add a penny a day, you don’t just add the penny, because compound interest does happen. Just as surely as it happens in a savings account, it happens in a relationship, a skill, your health, and anywhere else you put effort into anything. Growth compounds. That’s not only the nature of the water hyacinth, it’s the nature of life.

You’ve probably heard this one a thousand times:

A penny saved is a penny earned.

This is one of those things people say without really thinking it through, because it is so not true. If it were, then a penny would just be a penny. Big deal. But a penny saved is not a penny earned; a penny earned is a penny earned. How much is a penny saved? It’s a thousand dollars, if you save it long enough at a great enough rate of interest.

But you have to start with a penny. And that’s the irony of it, the sad truth about all those who tread the easy-not-to-do path in life. The billions of dollars of personal debt and colossal lack of savings in the United States come down to “the road not taken,” only in this case, it’s the penny not put away. The path that’s so easy to take, yet so easy not to.

You’re walking down the street, and you see a penny. It seems so insignificant, so small, so silly, why even bother to bend over and pick it up? After all, can you imagine walking into your bank to deposit a single penny into a savings account? Can you imagine looking in your savings passbook, deposit box, or piggy bank, and finding a balance of $0.01? It might as well be a balance of zero, right? I mean, we’re talking about a penny. What can you do with a penny?

If you understand the slight edge, practically anything.

Every day, in every moment, you get to exercise choices that will determine whether or not you will become a great person, living a great life. Greatness is not something predetermined, predestined, or carved into your fate by forces beyond your control. Greatness is always in the moment of the decision. But you have to start with a penny.


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