Believe It to Achieve It by Brian Tracy & Christina Stein

Believe It to Achieve It by Brian Tracy & Christina Stein

Author:Brian Tracy & Christina Stein
Language: eng
Format: epub, mobi
Publisher: Penguin Publishing Group
Published: 2017-12-26T05:00:00+00:00

Your Interpretation Style

In other words, by going back to your childhood and revising your memories of the unhappy experiences you had, you can turn them from bad to good, from depressing to elevating, and begin seeing your childhood in a totally new and positive way. By interpreting memories in a new way, you feel different about them.

In the Hindu religion, followers believe in multiple reincarnations. They believe that each person is born and dies over and over again for hundreds and thousands of years. At the end of each life, when you are reincarnated into another life, you move up to a higher level (toward salvation and oneness with the Supreme Soul), or down to a lower level (away from salvation), depending on how you behaved in your previous lifetime. Were you positive or negative, good or bad, helpful or hurtful?

The ultimate end of this process of reincarnation and progressive development, according to the Hindus, is the achievement of spiritual perfection on this earth. You then rise to nirvana, or heaven, and become free of the endless cycle of birth and death on this earth.

Whether or not you believe in reincarnation, here is an exercise you can do that can enable you to go back and have a happy childhood.

EXERCISE: Imagine that somewhere on the other side of the universe, long before you were born, you were able to search over the earth and select your next parents. In making this selection, you deliberately chose parents who would bring you into a situation in which you could learn the lessons that you most needed to learn in this next lifetime. You chose these parents so that you could experience the trials and tribulations of a life growing up in this family, because it was the only way you could learn, evolve, and grow into a better and finer person.

When you play with this idea, and look back at your parents, siblings, and childhood experiences, you will begin to identify the lessons you learned from each problem or difficulty you had while you were growing up. But now, by accepting that you chose your family yourself, you see them as valuable steps on your path of growth and development.

Think of the impact your parents have had on you. Can you identify how they have influenced your greatest strengths and weaknesses?


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