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Two Notes 1. The Marx Brothers1 The first Marx Brothers film screened in France, Animal Crackers,2 came across as something quite extraordinary, for me as for everybody else, as though ...
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4. Setting The Stakes, Raising The Peril Our Two Heroes in the Pickle Jar. How War Can Be a Good Thing? Most storytelling dilemmas can be described generally as choosing ...
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Books As reported by Knight Ridder on December 15, 1984: Bookstores began stocking up on Dune items more than a month ago, and representatives for a half-dozen stores in Philadelphia ...
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Some houses look pleased to see you. Others don’t. Widow Meldrum’s cottage crouched low, frowning under the thatch that straggled over its windows like a badly cut fringe. Buddleia stalks ...
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20 Dance on the Wire Many things in my life look to me like a high-wire act, even though most of the time I don’t even notice there are abysses ...
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WITHNAIL: Of course you have. You’re the poacher. Not a very sensitive remark. JAKE is clearly upset by this accusation. Exploring his trousers he withdraws one of his eels. JAKE: ...
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LAND OF SNOW Delano The look she’s giving me mirrors my own feelings, and it scares me. There’s a reason I don’t date— most women cannot be trusted to not ...
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Chapter Seventeen Raymond was still watching Billy as he limped away into the night – the walk from Maida Vale had exhausted the boy; Raymond could see it with every ...
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Cinema Verity At the Toronto Film Festival, I asked Gus Van Sant whether Elephant, a fictional behind-the-scenes at a Columbine-like massacre, was shaped, as was Gerry, by the cinema of ...
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THE INCENSE BURNER OF BAEKJE Baekje incense burner Given the few surviving relics related to the history of Korean dance, the incense burner of the Baekje kingdom is truly something ...
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