Those Who Live in Darkness: Volume One by Dan Shrader

Those Who Live in Darkness: Volume One by Dan Shrader

Author:Dan Shrader [Shrader, Dan]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Publisher: anonymous
Published: 2024-02-07T00:00:00+00:00

Jason had spent hours lingering in the alleyway near the designated location. He walked back and forth in the rain, deep in thought, and occasionally taking a sip from his drink. He observed his surroundings and patiently waited, adopting the mindset of a seasoned hunter. Jason knew better than to rush into the unknown without first assessing the situation. Although he wasn’t afraid of encountering a few circus freaks, he wanted to ensure a smooth and safe completion of his mission.

Feeling scared and being cautious are two distinct emotions. He could sense himself gradually slipping back into the depths of his mind, a place he had once considered his home. The darkness lurking within was so profound that it could bring tears to the eyes of a nun, if only she could witness it.

The bartender had provided him with the address, a Ruger handgun with some extra magazines, and a switchblade, per his request. The Piranha had asked if he needed any help and Jason told him no. In his mind, he was going to make a name for himself with his boss and spread the same fear among the other soldiers as he had in prison with the inmates.

He even got a fresh set of wheels, a worn-out Pinto, and some walking around money. The car smelled like the cross between a whorehouse and a morgue, which was perfect for Jason, given anything smelt better than that of easy ass and sweaty men in prison.

With the money, he’d bought a couple of cans of gasoline to torch the place when he was done and some liquor, a few packs of smokes and a cheap prostitute. The girl couldn’t have been over eighteen, but Jason had made sure she would remember him for the rest of her miserable life.

Jason knew he was a monster.

It was etched in his DNA and there were times he was proud of it. But every once in a while, there was that lingering notion that maybe men like him deserved to be locked up for life. The joy he got out of torturing women was paramount to his existence, and he had spent the last five years daydreaming about it. The young girl he visited hours before would never look the same again, but it brought him joy.

He had contemplated the idea of seeking professional help for his mental well-being in the past. However, his father would always dismiss therapy as a sign of weakness, labeling those who sought it as cowards. It was no secret that his mother battled with depression, living in a tumultuous marriage with a monstrous man like his father. Jason couldn’t help but feel like he was a reflection of that darkness, a little devil born into their troubled world.

It was when she took her own life that Jason finally realized his illness. She had hung herself hours before he came home from school. Jason found her three days later because she was hardly around at times, too busy turning tricks to keep the electricity on; it was like he was staring at someone else, dead and bloated.


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