The Family They've Longed For by Robin Gianna

The Family They've Longed For by Robin Gianna

Author:Robin Gianna
Language: eng
Format: epub
Publisher: Mills & Boon Medical
Published: 2018-11-05T16:00:00+00:00



Rory was impressed that Jake had managed to get his voice under control so fast, answering his mother in a tone that said he, too, could tell she was worried about something.

“Jameson Woodrow just called. Natalia’s gone into labor a couple weeks early and he said he’s afraid there’s something wrong. The midwife they’ve been seeing is away in Anchorage, probably at the same conference as your dad. He was going to ask your father to open the clinic, but she’s in so much pain he can’t get her up to move her to the car. I told her your dad’s in Anchorage, too, but that you’re here. I think you should go up there and see what’s going on. Is there someone here who can go with you? If she needs to be moved to the clinic, or even if she has the baby, you might need help with that.”

Instantly Rory could see his professional doctor mode take over. “There are a few people here who would come with me. I’ll ask. I assume you can stay here and watch Mika? You might as well plan to spend the night here, just in case it takes a long time.”

“I brought an overnight bag, thinking the weather might get bad.”

“Perfect. Thanks.”

They moved back to where everyone was gathered and Rory watched Jake scan the room, presumably looking for a helper. Even though she dreaded the thought of spending more awkward hours with him, she knew what needed to happen and placed her hand on his forearm.

“I’ll go with you. I haven’t delivered a baby in a long time, but I’m sure I can help.”

He looked down at her for a long moment, his expression inscrutable. She knew what he was thinking, because she was, too. Being together after that scorching and ill-advised kiss wasn’t the best idea. But this was an emergency, and having two doctors made a lot more sense than him finding a random friend to assist him.

Finally, he nodded. “All right. But what about your mom?”

“I’ll see if Linda can drive her home. Stay with her, too, if she can.”

“I’ll call Jameson to tell him we’ll leave soon, then I’ll pull together some supplies.”

Linda was more than happy to take her mother home and spend the night. “It’s looking like we’ll get more snow than we thought,” Linda said as she peered out the window at the light flakes steadily falling to the ground. “So I’d just as soon stay put once we’re at your house. It’ll be fun having a slumber party, don’t you think, Wendy?”

“A slumber party! I love that idea! I probably can’t dance around yet, but we can work on those paper pumpkins and ghost strings for Halloween. Rory got me all the supplies we need.”

Wendy’s eyes shone with pleasure, and Rory had to face what she’d been trying to ignore. Her mom truly loved living here. She loved her friends and her life here. Much as she


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