SunRider by Rafael Hohmann

SunRider by Rafael Hohmann

Author:Rafael Hohmann [Hohmann, Rafael]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Tags: Fiction, Fantasy, Dark Fantasy
Publisher: Rafael Hohmann
Published: 2017-07-26T22:00:00+00:00

Kilometers away to the South, Wahala rode her horse, still pulling at the gold-filled wagon. The beast whinnied, begging for rest.

She'd traveled many days from the Kingdom of Rot and its temple to catch up to Mal'Bal's campaign. She came to a stop and unsaddled herself, stretching her aching back and relishing in the blessed pain. Salastine unhitched the wagon and started a campfire as the other two cult members hunted for dinner. The sun disappeared, leaving the land dark—but that was alright. Wahala had followed Mal’Bal’s path of destruction across Lenova and knew where she was. Only a little farther North the Lich-Lord prepared his army and rested, ready to lay siege to their next target: Kazma.


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