Ruthless As Hell: A Reverse Harem Bully Academy Romance (The Demon Academy Book 2) by G. Bailey

Ruthless As Hell: A Reverse Harem Bully Academy Romance (The Demon Academy Book 2) by G. Bailey

Author:G. Bailey [Bailey, G.]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Published: 2019-09-26T16:00:00+00:00

Chapter 14

Kiss me like nothing else in the world matters

“Do you think wolves like to live in wooden houses because they like trees? My home is surrounded by fire, which I do love. It’s strange that the pack have not invested in more materials than wood,” Lucifer comments, and his constant talking is getting on my nerves. Does he ever shut up?

“I don’t know,” I mutter, repeating myself for the fourth time. Who knew the devil likes to talk, like never-ending talking about random shit I don’t care about? I feel more and more uncomfortable the further we walk through the silent village, right towards the pack house. I feel Nikoli’s eyes burning into my back from behind us, though he doesn’t say a word to try and get his dad to shut up. I just feel nervous and am constantly biting my tongue so I don’t embarrass Lucifer and get beaten up, but it is starting to hurt my mouth.

“What do you know of wolf traditions, Alexandria?” he asks me.

“Not all that much,” I answer, slightly lying. I don’t want to explain to him how I know so much about wolves if I gave him a real answer.

“I find it fascinating that wolves can scent their true mate. They will make food for her, showing they can provide, and when the wolf scents they feel the same way, they will mark the female’s skin with a wolf marking. The marking is far more than a scratch, it is a bond between the two mates, and when they have sex, it makes an everlasting bond that is unbreakable. If one dies, so will the other,” he explains.

“Interesting,” I say with a dry mouth, and I gulp, knowing that is exactly what Javier did with me, and I missed it. I’m his mate…and for some reason, it makes me want to smile. That stubborn wolf has stolen my heart without me even realising.

I should be mad.

I’m not though.

“Do you know about demons and our mating traditions?” Lucifer asks as we get close to the building.

“Yes,” I tightly answer him, feeling his eyes on me, and it makes me feel like there are dozens of bugs crawling over my skin. “It’s all about sex, huh?” I regret it the moment I speak. I don’t want to talk about sex with the devil.

“For a virgin, that must be difficult to comprehend. I will help you understand soon,” he tells me, and I nearly cough on the rising sickness in my throat at that image. I somehow don’t think so. I’d rather jump off the nearest cliff, which can’t be too far away on this island. “Once we mate, it will mean one of us cannot die without the other also dying. It is a very interesting magical connection.”

“Welcome to the ceremony of choosing,” a woman in a silky red dress says as we get to the double doors of the alpha’s home. “These are for you. Everyone must wear a mask.” The woman hands us each a black eye mask with feathers going off the edges, and lace covering it.


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