Reunion at the Shore by Lee Tobin McClain

Reunion at the Shore by Lee Tobin McClain

Author:Lee Tobin McClain
Language: eng
Format: epub
Publisher: HQN Books
Published: 2020-04-30T19:11:04+00:00

* * *

RIA CLUNG TO DREW, knees weak from the intensity of his kiss. He was firm and gentle, stroking her cheek and making little approving noises, and it was enough like making love that her body turned to liquid heat.

Had he ever kissed her like this before?

He was so confident, so powerful, yet so aware of her every movement, in touch with each reaction. She didn’t want it to stop, and when he lifted his head, she couldn’t help the small sound of protest that came out of her throat.

“Wait,” he said, tilting his head back. “I can see you a little. I want to see you.”

She smiled and bounced a little and tried to catch her breath. “That’s so wonderful.” She stood on tiptoes and pecked his mouth again.

“You’re as gorgeous as always.” He ran his hands down from the sides of her breasts to the curve of her waist to her hips. “More than seeing you, I can feel how beautiful you are.” His hands slid to her back and he pulled her close against him.

His hard body, pressed to hers, stole her breath and sent heat straight to the core of her. Dimly, she was aware of the cool breeze and the birdsong and Navy leaning against the sides of their legs...but only dimly, because Drew’s energy was so intense that it nearly overpowered her. She wrapped her arms around him and clung to his hard, muscular back.

He moved against her, the feel of him exotic and yet as familiar as her own heart. He lifted his head. “I want you,” he said hoarsely. “I want you so bad.”

His words shot to the heart of her, torching a fire banked long ago. She sucked in air. “We’re outside, and it’s cold.”

“Wouldn’t bother me.” He stepped forward, making her step back, and she felt the picnic table behind her. He lifted her effortlessly, sat her on it and moved between her knees.


“Shh. I know.” He kissed her again, light, tender touches along her jawbone, her neck, the very top of her shoulder. And then he pulled her close, so that the side of her face rested against his chest. “It’s not the time or the place, but, babe...” He took a deep breath and let it out. “We’d be so good together. We always were.”

Her own breathing was coming back under control now. She opened her eyes and stared out at the bay, immense and beautiful.

They should talk about this, the problem of their desire for each other, like rational adults.

But talking would ruin it, and she wanted to hold on to it, relive it, keep it apart from the real world of children and money problems and secrets.

Navy let out a yelp and jumped up to put her front paws on the picnic table beside them. At the same moment, they both reached out a hand to pet her.

“She always did get jealous,” Drew commented, smiling. “Remember?”

“I remember.” She remembered hushing Navy, not wanting to wake up the girls, and tiptoeing back to the bedroom.


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