Purling Road - the Complete Second Season: Episodes 1-10 by M L Gardner

Purling Road - the Complete Second Season: Episodes 1-10 by M L Gardner

Author:M L Gardner [Gardner, M L]
Language: eng
Format: epub, mobi
Tags: Literature & Fiction, Genre Fiction, Historical, Short Stories & Anthologies, Anthologies, Anthologies & Literature Collections, Historical Fiction
Amazon: B014EMQRRO
Published: 2015-08-24T05:00:00+00:00


Arianna’s back and feet ached. She adjusted on the bench, ignoring the warm rain as it started to fall, and stared down the empty tracks.

“Déjà vu,” she whispered.

The small station was sparsely populated; more people would be getting off the train, heading home for the night rather than boarding it. She had thought of going to Maura’s, but she’d get a lecture laced with curse words, possibly even a few swats on the side of the head. That was expected. Maura would send her home to make amends. But she hadn’t seen the look in Caleb’s eyes.

More times than she could count, she’d made him angry. Done stupid, childish things in her wild days, and every single time, he forgave her. Even the night she’d drank so much, she didn’t remember bursting into the card room of whatever house they were partying at, and starting a strip tease… even then, he hadn’t been this angry. The next day, he was falling all over himself to take care of her.

The Caleb that stood in front of her this morning was a different man. His changing must have been gradual because she hadn’t noticed it. Of course, she hadn’t noticed much between Ethel’s fits, the children’s needs, and her newfound freedom.

She’d walked around town all day until her bag felt like an iron weight, contemplating what to do. She couldn’t go to Ava or Claire’s homes. Jonathan and Aryl would side with Caleb and never let her in. She thought she’d crumble if another door were slammed in her face. She could go to Ruth’s and almost did. But what would she do there? Sit in Ruth’s beautiful house and get fat eating pastries all day? She had no way to support herself. Planning a party would only buy so much charity.

She thought about going home after giving Caleb the day to cool off. Something in her gut told her that it would take much more than a single day.

She had just enough in her purse for a ticket, and when she thought of her babies, she couldn’t help but cry. She wouldn’t stay gone long, she promised herself. She’d write to Caleb. They’d work this out through letters, and she’d return home.

That was her hope, anyway.

The whistle blew loud as it rounded the final corner and came into view.


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