Mob Girl by Teresa Carpenter

Mob Girl by Teresa Carpenter

Author:Teresa Carpenter
Language: eng
Format: epub
Publisher: Simon & Schuster


* * *


All that spring, Arlyne had a fine time. She had picked up law enforcement lingo, which she used with gleeful, often impressionistic abandon. Each of her exploits with the Fischetti crew was a “surveillance.” There were long afternoons when she and Dewanna would conduct surveillances—that is, wait—for Billy David in a motel parking lot near the Lincoln Tunnel. Arlyne sat bag in hand, Nagra in bag, poised for action. As the days grew warmer, the waiting became increasingly uncomfortable. Agent Stratton would roll down the windows to catch a breeze. Arlyne, who during her career as mob girl had tended to use automobiles as a reliable indicator of power, found it odd that the government could not afford air-conditioning.

Arlyne bore these discomforts with uncharacteristic equanimity, however, because she had been infected with esprit de corps. She was beginning to believe that she truly was a federal agent. Agent Dossett had been so impressed with Arlyne’s contacts that he had passed her name along to one of his colleagues, Agent Greg Hendrickson, in the Brooklyn-Queens Office. Arlyne plied Hendrickson with tidbits of gossip on purported drug deals and heists. She had been waiting years to get back at her old antagonist Vince Lamattina, and carefully laid out the details of his shylocking operation. She provided details on the shady political contacts of her old flame, Walter Perlmutter, another scoundrel she figured deserved his comeuppance. She would happily have delivered whatever dirt she could on Sally Burns, but he had disappeared years earlier. His body, she had heard, had been found in a trunk.

Arlyne was actively courted not only by the FBI but also by the DEA. When Joe Spina had invited Agent Dossett into the Fischetti case, he had extended a similar invitation to a drug enforcement agent named Edward Magno. The initial lure was a report from Arlyne that the Fischetti outfit was looking to sell some five hundred pounds of marijuana. Ordinarily, the Drug Enforcement, as Arlyne preferred to call it, considered pot cases beneath its consideration. Agent Magno, however, thought it was possible to parlay this marijuana connection into a buy of coke or heroin. Acting on an introduction arranged by Arlyne, Magno met with Chickie Nardone at a Holiday Inn. The expedition turned up dry. It served, however, to pique Magno’s, and the DEA’s, interest in informant Brickman’s ability to “effect undercover agent introduction.”

As Arlyne reeled off her list of associates, Magno scribbled. Every so often, a name seemed to arouse his interest. One of these was John Gotti. After listening to Arlyne’s account of Tommy Luca’s indebtedness to the crew at the Bergin Hunt and Fish Club, Magno asked her to try to arrange a meeting between the Gambino captain and a young Italian kid who had gotten into a jam and had agreed to work undercover. Arlyne contacted Joey Scopo, saying she had a prospective borrower who wanted to meet with Johnny. But Gotti, who had only recently been released from prison, was apparently playing it cautious.


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