Grizzly Lover: Purely Paranormal Pleasures by C.D. Gorri & Purely ParanormalPleasures

Grizzly Lover: Purely Paranormal Pleasures by C.D. Gorri & Purely ParanormalPleasures

Author:C.D. Gorri & Purely ParanormalPleasures [Gorri, C.D. & ParanormalPleasures, Purely]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Published: 2020-06-06T18:30:00+00:00

Chapter Eight

Teresa chuffed and snorted angrily. She pawed the ground, but Oliver stepped between her and the stranger who dared touch her cub.

“Easy, baby, she’s a friend.”

Easy? Oh no, he didn’t. She tried to yell at him to tell him she wanted that slut away from her baby. A few other choice curses filled her head, but she couldn’t talk. She tried again and heard more growling and snarling.

“Don’t panic, use your mind not your mouth to speak to me,” he instructed.

Oliver! She screamed his name in panic inside her mind’s eye.

“I hear you, baby,” he answered and shook his ear.

Oops. So, she yelled a little bit too loudly. But she needed answers. She dropped to all fours and stomped her feet.

“Easy, love,” he approached cautiously, “may I?”

Hands raised in her direction, Teresa nodded at him.

Mate, that inner voice chuffed happily and Teresa found herself rumbling pleasantly as Oliver stroked his big, strong hands through her fur.


Yes, answered the voice, we have magnificent fur.

“Sweet mate, you do have a lovely coat,” he said and brought his forehead to hers.

“You’ve been cooped up a long time, haven’t you?”

A deep, mournful growl sounded from her Bear’s lips and Teresa felt shame fill her. But how could she have known? Her mother had died in childbirth and her father was a normal.

Not our father, her she-Bear growled.

Suddenly, she knew the truth. Teresa was not the daughter of Mathias Witherspoon. He didn’t have the right scent. But why had he claimed she was his daughter?

“We will find the answers, love, but for now, want to run with me?”

Her Bear’s happy rumble cut short when she snorted in the direction of their cub.

“We won’t go far. Jennifer is a friend. I swear to you. She would never harm our son. Jennifer?”

“We will walk back to your cabin and wait there for you, alright?” the woman, no, the Owl Shifter, said, and Teresa watched her go with a warning growl.

“Come on,” Oliver removed his clothing and within seconds he stood before her a magnificent Grizzly Bear, much larger than her own.

Together they ran through the woods, over the budding shrubs and patches of snow, down to the rocky shore on that side of the lake just behind the cabin. She took a moment to admire her handsome Grizzly before he shimmered back to a man before her eyes.

“Will you change back now, beautiful? Let me have my, mate,” he told her.

Wow. Teresa caught sight of her reflection in the water. She had fur, and claws, and huge teeth.

Gulp. Okay. She could live with that. But that wasn’t what had her reluctant to change back. No, it was the fact that he had just called her mate. That word alone meant everything to her.

“That’s it, sweet, your cub and your mate need you to change back,” Oliver cajoled.

Be with our mate now, her Bear suggested and she closed her eyes and willed her human body forward.

“Wow,” she said as Oliver waited a beat before putting his arms around her.


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