Figure Drawing for Artists by Steve Huston

Figure Drawing for Artists by Steve Huston

Author:Steve Huston
Language: eng
Format: epub
Publisher: Rockport Publishers
Published: 2016-08-20T16:00:00+00:00

Step-by-step of the back view

Simple yet characteristic means, in part, any object you begin to sketch should be suggestive of the subtleties yet to come. It means you can move seamlessly from beginning construction to finished rendering.

The Torso

The torso includes the rib cage, waist, and hips. This is where the sexes show their clearest structural differences—again, with the qualifier, on average.


There are multiple ways to conceive of the rib cage. It expands from the narrow neck to the wider waist. Beyond that, seeing a model with a rib cage that bulges away from the waist or seamlessly blends down into it guides me in choosing the most characteristic form for the job. See the images below and on the top of the next page.


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